How the Operation Monarch operates in Call of Duty: Warzone

WARZONE: This Is OPERATION MONARCH! (Godzilla Vs Kong Event Details)
Kong and Godzilla appear in Call of Duty: Warz1. While the skins of the operators came out thematically after each, many are wondering how colossal titans will interact in a new mode.

Operation Monarch supports up to 60 players and uses Resurgence rules. In fact, this means that the last remaining team wins. During the game, players will find information about the monarch in boxes with supplies, special trophies and defeated enemies. This is used to charge a special counter that opens awards for a series of murders, equipment loss and awards for a series of Titan killings.

During the game, players will want to follow Godzilla and Kong. Although it is recommended to stay away from them, the damage to any of the titans will award Monarch Intel. At the beginning of the match and at another moment, during it, Kong and Godzilla can be furious and attacked. This is known as the madness of Titan and makes the players choose one of two options: to run or fight. A team that will inflict the greatest damage to Kong or Godzille during the madness of the titans will receive a special device of the scream of the monarch.

The Scream device is a prototype of a device that allows players to communicate with titans. The way this is translated into a real gameplay is the direction of the attack of Godzilla or Kong to any point on the map.

In general, the presence of two hippos in Call of Duty looks better than expected originally. Prepare this equipment and get ready for the fall.

statistics of monsters


Monarch designation: * Godzilla
Scientific classification: Titanus Coemer
Height: 393 feet
Famous attacks: * Breath of the heat rays, a wave of tail, back section
tail length: 582 feet
Scroll speed of the upper tail: 89 miles per hour
cruising speed under water: * 40-50 knots
Volume Reva: to 174 dB
blood volume: 530 000 gallons
bone tensile strength: * 3000 MPa (megapascal)
Energy Energy Writing Beam: * 315 Trillion Joule


Monarch designation: * Kong
Scientific classification: Titanus Cong
Height: 337 feet
Famous attacks: * Quake Slam, Fin Breaker, Aerial Axe Slash
Power of the impact: Subb. 4.2 ml (value on the Richter scale)
bone tensile strength: 2800 MPa (megapascal)
Volume Reva: * to 170 dB
The speed of rotation of the upper hand: 62 miles per hour
The maximum speed of two -legged run: 78 miles per hour
The maximum speed of a four -legged run: * 104 miles per hour
Preferred diet: * foliage, bamboo, swamp squid

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