Elden Ring: They find data related to a multiplayer progress system

Elden Ring continues to generate theories around it related to both new mechanics that will be added in the future, and with content that could be eliminated from the final version. On this occgenerate theoriesion, a dataminer specialized in the from Software hgenerate theories found something quite interesting: it is a series of emerging texts that refer to the rank rise in the different factions that we can unite to play to play in PVP mode (competitive multiplayer).

Elden Ring How Does Multiplayer Work? How Online Co-op and PvP Works in Elden Ring

Bloody finger, hunter, duelist and challenging are some of them, and in the image found by this user we can see text notifications prepared to inform ourselves of a level rise in them. So far they have not been used, so he wonders if we could be facing new mechanics that will reach the game, or simply if it is discarded content. How could it be otherwise, he hgenerate theories also wanted to remember the theories that have formed around closed coliseums that are distributed throughout the world.

How does the Elden Ring multiplayer work?

generate theories in other From Software titles such generate theories Dark Souls and Bloodborne, we can play with other players, either cooperating to defeat the final bosses or fighting other players in competitive mode. Of course, there are a series of requirements to make the most of both modes, related to talking to certain characters or finding a specific object. generate theories part of our complete Elden Ring guide, you can find an article dedicated to the multiplayer facet of the game, in which you will also discover how to exchange weapons with your friends.

Elden Ring premiered on February 25 and is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One .

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