Step by step procedure for season 1 Chapter 13 of Quidditch was released!

The final match is over and the time has come to summarize things. Our step -by -step procedure for season 1, Chapter 13 of Quidditch is there to guide you. After this exciting match, you will meet your teammates in the locker room to talk about it and discuss the trip that led you where you are. This part of the story will be very different, according to the result of the final match.

Then you will attend the party in your common room. In fact, many of your roommates are there, and you will have the opportunity to have a good time with them and talk about Quidditch. In addition, your house director will have a few words with you.

Later, you can meet Skye in the stands. Apparently, she doesn’t really like the big holidays. You can tell him about the last season of Quidditch and remind you of certain past events. In addition, there will be a prize ceremony for the Quidditch Cup you should attend.

Quidditch! (Final/Chapter 13) - Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
What will happen during the ceremony? Will Erika Rath also be present? Discover in our procedure step by step for season 1, chapter 13 of Quidditch for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!

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