In Pokemon Go you can now hand out tickets to close friends, trainer reveals an issue

Fitness instructors have actually currently tried the brand-new function and also clarify that the system still has troubles.

** How do you give away tickets? Additional tickets, such as the Go Fest 2022, should quickly be given away.

** Tickets for Area Days or the Go Feast you can now give away to other coaches Inpokémon Go. Coaches discover that there is a trouble if the recipient train currently has a ticket.

of this situation caution trainer

This occurred: On Reddit, train Benthefighter shows a screenshot of his gift attempt. He creates “If you get a ticket for somebody that already has it, you still need to pay (no caution till you have actually paid).”.

** Just how can you give away a ticket? Currently touch the occasion for which you want to provide away a ticket.

Trainers notice that there is a problem if the recipient instructor already has a ticket. ** Just how do you provide away tickets? More tickets, such as the Go Feast 2022, ought to quickly be offered away.

What is the issue? In the neighborhood, you desire a lot more clearness with the gift feature. We at MeinMMO have actually tried this and realize:.

The fitness instructor must get in touch with the App Store for a reimbursement.

Then you confirm the purchase as well as adhere to the directions on the display. In order for the gift to work, you need to go to least very close friends. Niantic also creates that the buddy has to not yet have the ticket. The buddy should not have obtained the ticket from one more instructor.

The mistake message states that the gift could not be sent out. “It seems that the intended recipient obtained this article prior to your purchase can be completed.”.

Have you tried Pokémon Go gift feature and will you use it in the future? Or do you discover it superfluous and will not utilize the feature? Create us your experiences as well as point of views on the topic below on meinmmo in the remarks and also exchange suggestions with various other instructors on the topic.

When it comes to the coach Benthefighter on Reddit, his gift recipient must have acquired his ticket at the very same time while he was provided. Consequently, an amount was currently subtracted from the donor without the gift process succeeding.

This seems to be a really unique issue.

** Just how can you offer away a ticket? Currently tap the event for which you want to give away a ticket.

Under the purchase switch you will additionally locate a switch called “Gift”. Tap this and after that pick the buddy from your close friend checklist to provide the ticket.

If the recipient instructor already has the ticket before you begin your gift process, you can not give the recipient any additional ticket.


If you intend to get a ticket for a good friend who currently has a ticket, you will be notified regarding it in the video game and also can deny a ticket for this pal.

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