Pokemon GOs Alolan Geodude Community Day: Everything you need to know

Pokémon Ir The last day of the community is here, with an approach to the Rock/Electric type geodude Polan. As with the event last month, today’s day is just a 3 -hour event instead of a 6 -hour event, partly to attract more players to their community and play together. Unfortunately, Alolan Geodude and its evolutions will not be important in the PVP game and have been in the game for years, so there are not many incentives to spend a lot of time fighting for the perfect Pokémon.

*Alolan Geodude* Tips - Community Day 2022 | Pokémon GO

Here is everything you need to know about today. Pokémon Go event.

Day of the Alolan Geodude community: time and date

The Day of the Stufful Community will take place on May 21 from 11:00 a.m. m. at 2:00 p. m., local time.

Day of the Alolan Geodude community: exclusive movement

Any Aolan GraioLler that evolves to Alolan Golem will automatically learn the rapid rollout. Before the event, Rollout received a significant benefit, almost doubling the amount of energy it produces. However, the quite mediocre statistics of Alolan Golem mean that even an improved movement does not necessarily mean much in the great scheme of PVP battles or incursions. In the best case, Alolan Golem with Rollout represents a secondary update of his previous versions, although he may want to invest in one for a powerful rock attacker.

Day of the Alolan Geodude community: other bonds

The players will obtain several bonuses for the day of the community of Alolan Geodude, including triple Stardust for catching Pokémon and double Candy for catching a Pokémon. There are also the usual advantages, including a 3 -hour incense impulse.

Like other community day events, the day of the Alolan Geodude community will also have an improved brightness rate for the Pokémon. Alolan Geodude has a bright orange outer layer, and some compare it with a cupcake due to its unique color. You can see a brilliant alolan geodude below:

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