Announcement of infected coffee game “Tokyo Coffee Pandetika”. Nostalgic story depicting a coffee shop with pandemic evil

The domestic developer, heavy side creation, announced on May 22 the cafe game “ Tokyo Coffee Pandetica “. The release time is scheduled for 2024.

“Tokyo Coffee Pandetika” is a nostalgic coffee game for infection. It is said that Tokyo’s infection is nostalgic, and players will work at a coffee shop. The infection is listed as a keyword, and it is likely that the suggestions of the new Coronavirus will appear in the game. The seats in the store, which appear in the trailer, are partitioned by acrylic boards, and a disinfectant is placed for each desk. In addition, there are multiple ventilation fans in the store, posters such as “2m spacing when lined up”, and it seems that Tokyo’s appearance in the infection is true.

On the other hand, the game screen is a short cut, but you can see the game play for a moment. It is a scene where you are trying to extract the powdered powder from beans as drip coffee with coffee mill. Although it is only a guess, there may be a simulation element that creates a cup while doing the process of grinding beans or dripping while pouring water into coffee.

As a character, setting drawings of people who seem to be the waitress of coffee shops and people who seem to be customers are also released. Each has a detailed setting from clothes to equipment, but it is impressive that both characters are wearing masks. Speaking of infection, the difficulties of restaurants have been shouted, but I’m also worried about how these pandemic and cafe -managed games affect.

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The domestic developer snake -side creation is working on Tokyo Coffee Pandetika. The studio has released the video distribution RPG “● Live in Dungeon” in 2021. While searching for dungeons, video distribution was performed, and a unique gameplay was developed in which the reactions from viewers in the game affect the game. The novel game system is the previous work, but I am worried about what Tokyo Coffee Pandetika will be.

“Tokyo Coffee Pandetika” will be released in 2024.


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