V RISING BASE CHILDRENTS, BEST Base Assembly for Beginners

The construction of the base is one of the most important missions assigned to you in V Rising. Although the management of the base may be a difficult task, with the right strategy you can probably protect it from enemies trying to invade it. In this leadership, we gave advice on how to build a base in V Rising, and gave the best basic build for beginners.

How to build your base in V Riding

Going to V Rising, you will face a mission that sets you the task of building a base.

The central point of any base in V Ring is Castle Heart; Access through pressing b> fundamentals.

The best place to build a base

The place for your base is really important, since you do not want to build your base next to the road or next to the stores.

As soon as you come across an area where it is convenient for you to build your base, the next step will be the destruction of the most part of the environment (stones, ruins, trees, etc.) using your tools.

The reason for this is to devastate the overpopulated territory that prevents you from expanding your territory.

It is worth noting that the reason for the destruction of trees, stones and ruins is not only to free up space, since these resources are also necessary for the construction of various types of structures.

To obtain additional resources, you can check your card to see the yellow contours that represent the areas with the largest number of resources for the collection.

how to manage your base

After you found the best area and placed your heart’s heart, just click F to open the “character” tab, and place half of your blood essence (falling from dead enemies) on the castle’s heart in the castle’s slots. Thus, you will generate energy throughout your base.

As soon as your base is completely built, create boundaries to have an idea of what area you have. In addition, do not forget to add wooden coffin inside the base, since you will be reborn quite often during the battles.

As mentioned earlier, be sure to build your base in an area filled with useful resources. This is due to the fact that you will soon expand your territory, and the expansion will lead to the creation of more structures for which it will require objects as boards and stone bricks.

v Rising The best basic assembly for beginners

After the area is cleaned and there will be enough space for construction. The initial structure that you will build will be the heart of the castle. In addition, the most important thing is to create mesh 3 × 3 then additionally surround the heart walls that protect it from attackers and give you extra time to protect your base.

In addition, keep in mind that when you create the walls around your base, do not forget to add gates to it if you need to join the battle or explore the card.

Despite the fact that your base is completely protected from attackers, there is one thing that can still harm it, and this is the sun. Although there are no walls that could protect your base from the sun, there is still an object that can help you on the tab of your fund.

Just go to the tab and create foggy brazier . When creating, this item will consume bones and protect the area inside your base from the scorching sunlight, which can damage it.

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