Elon Musk unveiled “Elden Ring” favorite build. However, it is beaten by a quote RT

ELON MUSK (Elon Mask) released his own character building on May 24 in the image. However, it seems that overseas users have received a lot of tsukkomi about the build.

Elon Musk is a CEO of Tesla, USA. He is one of the world’s leading wealthy and is eager to work on Twitter. He recently mentioned from software action RPG Eldenring. He revealed that his favorite title was a favorite title, and also talked to users about his own character build and capture points. At that time, he was abused by a critical overseas media Kotaku, comparing him to the in-game setting terms (related article). However, on May 23, Musk posted a tweet that suggested that he had cleared this work. He reply to the user’s question, “I will publish the build image tomorrow.”

And on May 24, Musk released his build image. The build that Mr. Musk said was “a magic build that emphasizes intelligence/skills and uses melee weapons.” In the posted image, 68 points are 68 as intelligence, and the skill is 25 and distributed. For the vitality of HP, the survival is ensured at 31, and the mental power is set to 38 according to the maximum FP recovery in the Holy Grail bottle. Although there may be room for optimization, it can be said that it is a status point allocation along the build that was reported in advance.

And his weapons seem to be equipped with a rogail stab, which is derived from magical power for close combat, as well as a popular swords moon hide. On the other hand, the worrisome thing is that Mr. Musk has two types of shields.

Many users who saw the two shields “Iron Build” are screaming at the mask as if they had taken the demon’s neck. From the simple bad word of “Why are you equipped with two shields?” And “garbage build”, there is also a fiji that denies the qualities of Mr. Musk, such as “selling Tesla’s stocks immediately”. The above-mentioned tweets have been retweeted about 800 articles, but more than 3,200 quotes retweets. Most of them are dirty wildness. Is Mr. Musk’s build terrible so much that he can be degraded so far?

Certainly, there are a lot of concerns. First, the equipment weight is the limit of the limit. Avoidance will be more stable if you reduce it. Under such circumstances, it is strange that two shields are similar in performance without tactics. In addition, the build seems to have been pointed out and screaming that the building is equipped with HP rise Talisman, which is somewhat questionable, and that the holy grail bottle for recovery is not in the equipment section.

On the other hand, Mr. Musk states that when fast rolling is needed, the equipment weight will be adjusted. Also, it is not necessarily fixed with this equipment. The two suspected shields may have been arranged for introduction of two favorite shields, and there is a difference in magic/flame cut rate and guard strength, so there is a possibility that it happened to have been compared. 。 It is not unnatural that the Holy Grail bottle is not in the equipment items, but simply a shortcut registrant. In the first place, Mr. Musk posted this character build image as “introduction of his build” instead of “strong build”. Whether he is the world’s best wealthy or a general player, it is pitiful to introduce his favorite way of playing and be criticized.

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It should be noted that Musk himself is a person who is susceptible to criticism due to political remarks. In the first place, the position of a wealthy and super celebrity itself collects hate from a certain level. He has recently been accused of sexual harassment and is in the middle of the turmoil. Suspicion and disgust for him may have erupted in the form of criticism of “Iron Build”. But after all, criticism should be made for problematic remarks and actions, not the character build of Elden Ring. How to play the game is the freedom of the player.

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