The best field settings for Assetto Corsa

If you are a fan of realistic racing simulators, such as Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione, you are probably familiar with FOV and how it correlates with your driving accuracy. Nevertheless, most new players do not bother with a change in FOV settings due to the difficulties associated with this. But can your field of view set up faster on the highway?

Well, we first need to understand what FOV is and why it is important. Simply put, your field of view is what you see from the virtual place of the driver in the game. The correct setting of FOV will allow you to evaluate the spatial properties of your car and will allow you to better visualize the track, simplifying a more accurate ingress into the apexes and points of braking.

Why FOV is important?

By definition, the field of view is the length of the observed world at any given moment. As mentioned above, the correct FOV setting will help you more accurately understand the size of your car, which will allow you to maintain the correct racing trajectory and perfectly press the braking points. Ideally, your FOV settings should serve in order for your display to reflect what your appearance would be if you really led the car in real life.

FOV is always calculated in degrees, whether horizontally or vertically. In races on simulators, your screen should act as a continuation of this line of the look, without any unrealistic bends or forms of image. In Assetto Corsa, the field of view is measured only in vertical degrees .

Sim Racing FOV Calculator - How to Set Correct Field of View

How to change the field settings in Assetto Corsa?

During the game, changing FOV in Assetto Corsa is quite simple. During driving, just suspend the game and go to configure the view from the cab . Here you will find the opportunity to change the field of view indicated by the icon Triangular logo C numerical degree from below. You will also find other options for changing the species, such as the position of the seated, the angle of inclination of the seat and the position of the camera.

However, the perfect FOV setting is different for everyone, depending on the settings of the device. As mentioned earlier, your FOV in-game chamber should be configured so that there is no gap between your vision of the real world and your game vision.

How to calculate the FOV settings in Assetto Corsa?

To calculate the perfect FOV settings, we need to take into account the three main points of data:

The size of your monitor *
The ratio of the sides of the game
The distance of your eyes from the screen

The mathematics of calculating these data for determining the angle FOV is quite complicated. Nevertheless, the easiest way to determine the perfect field for your device is to use a modern FOV calculator from Dinex86. After you correctly identified the data at each of the three points of interest, enter it into the indicated fields of the calculator, and it will make complex mathematics for you, providing you with FOV, which will be the most accurate for real life.

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