How to get Radiant Shaards at Cookie Run Kingdom

Shining fragments are a currency that can be used to open slots in the hall of ancient heroes in cookie Run: Kingdom. This will allow you to increase the number of student cookies at the same time, which will facilitate the task of catching up with existing teams.

Unlocking the first slot costs 1000 Radiant Shads, but the price increases as you open more slots. Here are all the ways that you can farm Radiant Shads in CRK.


Wishs of desires *-rewards can be taken three times a day.
The balloon expedition -awards can be requested several times a day, depending on how many times you launch them.
Fountain of abundance -Awards can be requested several times a day, depending on your level of kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom How To Get Radiant Shards
* Exchange in the Primorsky market -is replenished every six hours.

Combat awards

The plot missions *-After the opening of the hall of ancient heroes, interact with the gnome to get the quest “The First Radiant Shard”, which will launch a chain of quests per ton of radiant fragments.
Event awards -regularly connect to the game and participate in events to increase the reserve of Radiant Shaard.
Random awards –CRK sometimes gives players random thanks awards, including Radiant Shads.

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