[MSI] The finals that settled in the finals, the final match against the final isT1

League of Legends (LOL) International e-Sports Tournament ‘2022 Mid Season Invitational (MSI)’, China LPL Royal Never Never Never, was the first to settle in the finals. On the 27th, the MSI semi-finals first match against North America LCS Evil Genius (EG) by 3-0.

RNG has been regarded as one of the physicals and teams of individuals than EG, but it has been shown since the middle of the game. In a video interview after the game, RNG said, “I made a lot of mistakes in two and three sets.” When asked about the finals, he predicted that “LCK T1 is likely to come up.”

Below is a question and answer.

-(empty) I joined RNG this year. Is there any burden on MSI

Bin: There was no burden. I focused on the game and studied my opponents. It was an online game, so there was no big difference from the usual scream.

-(Xiaohu) What do you think about the performance of EG’s Mid ‘Jojo Pyeon’?

Xiaohu: The advantage of Jojo is that it is young. It is expected to develop in the future.

-(Xiaohu) The finals will be held online. Is there anything difficult

Xiaohu: The LPL Spring Finals also also worked in Olin. There is no difficult part, but I can’t feel the atmosphere of the field.

-(Gala) A prospect during Dominus. The difference from RNG is

Dominus: There is no big difference. The process of practicing screams is the same.

-(Way) In the match against EG, the top line was intensively targeted. The reason is

Wei: There were many deal exchange from the tower, and the angle of ganging was opened.

-(Xiaohu) Compared to last year’s MSI

Xiaohu: I played a lot of team play last year, and I think this year’s skills have increased a lot.

-(Way, Vienna) RNG is online, so what you think you can’t lift the championship trophy in the field

T1 vs. RNG | 2022 MSI Finals | T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up | Game 1
Wei: We must cooperate with the government’s defense guidelines. Unfortunately, I will focus on the game.

Bean: It’s a pity that you can’t feel the atmosphere.

-(Ming, Kenju) The team that will be in the finals is

Ming: I think there is a high probability of meeting because T1 is good.

Kenju: T1-G2’s skills were similar, but now the T1’s foam is very improved. If the G2 does not use a surprise strategy, I don’t think there’s a chance to beat the T1.

-(Director Kenju) To evaluate the game on that day

Kenju: The first set was very good, but there were many mistakes in the second and late three sets. He thinks he should complement the details.

-(Ming) won the MSI last year. Do you have any MSI burden?

Ming: I think you can win by keeping your usual condition. It is important to maintain calmness. This year’s goal is to win the Rolled Cup.

-(empty) I remember some confrontation in this competition

Vin: Zeus of T1. Because he had a solo kill twice.

-(Gala) The bottom duo of T1 and G2 is more threatening

Gala: T1 Bottom Duo’s skills are powerful. The G2 is threatening to choose a surprise pick.

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