Sonic Frontier Further gameplay video release. Show out the field search and battle elements of Open Zone

Sega released a new gameplay video of the action adventure game Sonic Frontier through overseas media IGN. Another gameplay video has been released on June 2, and the content of the game of this work has gradually revealed.

This work is the latest work of the Sonic the Hedgehog series by the Sonic team. To date, the protagonist Sonic has shown how he runs around the beautiful and magnificent field endlessly. It has a different atmosphere from the conventional stage-based gameplay, and Sega describes this work as an open zone that is not an open world.

The video listed above introduces a search play in the open zone field. In a location like an island that spreads out nature, a tower like archeological sites is scattered. Sonic can run up the wall and acquire items hidden in the upper layer. In addition, around the tower or in the field, there are objects that can be spring jumping, grind rails, and rings are placed in some places. As you run through the vast field, you can see that conventional Sonic’s actions are incorporated.

In addition, there are also puzzle elements such as moving the installed statues and writing one-stroke tiles on the ground. This leads to opening a huge gate or scanning the surrounding areas and finding some items. The scan in the area is also performed by other actions and may be one of the purposes of searching.

And in the next video, a battle with the enemy was introduced. The enemy is wandering around the open zone field and seems to be able to enter the battle freely. The first thing that appeared was a character that gathered a number of balls. It seems that when it glows red, it seems to fire a blitz, and Sonic pierces the gap to punch, kicks, and spin attack like a spin attack. It seems that you can get blue items by defeating the enemy.

Enemies who protect themselves with hard armor also appear. Normally, Sonic runs around the enemy, drawing a circle in the trajectory and blowing away armor. This is the ability of su cane. In the search part, it was used to erase the flame of the object. In the battle with another enemy, you can also check the so-called just avoidance.

In the latter half of the video, battles with super huge enemies have been shown. Something like a horn on the head seems to be a weak point, and Sonic runs up with the swinging arm. In addition, there is a scene where the sailing is performed to lift the feet and attack the soles of the feet. Sailop has the effect of raising enemies and seems to be used in various scenes.

There are many comments on the video released this time, for new gameplay as a series, which runs around the open zone field freely. On the other hand, some people are dissatisfied with the fact that exploring and battles lack a sense of speed like Sonic, and that the quiet piano BGM does not fit. In YouTube, where the video was posted, both of them have been paid about half of the popularity (confirmed by the browser extension function), and there are pros and cons.

Sonic Frontier will be released in the winter of 2022 for PC/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. In the open zone, more attention is focused on what other things can be done.

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