The 10 best independent games in June selected by the GDWC

Each month, the World Game Development Championship reveals the 10 best-classified games.

Video of the 10 best games in June:

First place:

Cognac by Aditya Gaurav, an Indian developer working on a game they hope to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the mechanics of multiplayer games in the industry.

In second:

Sharks vs mermaids by Cluck Eye Tea from the United States.

Bin or fin? Do you decide when you take control of the Sirens army and defend the treasures of Atlantis against deadly sharks and an army of wacky fish.

Third place:

Westwood Shadows by the Cyprus Redsoup studio.

Westwood Shadows is a first-person horror and survival game with puzzles. Peter Bennet, a police detective, is trained in a surreal, terrifying and emotional journey through his abandoned hometown.


Rocket Rumble by Pixelnauts from Canada.

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Burn Me Alive 2 by Davit Galoyan of Armenia.

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The Lone Blade by Opia Games de France.

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Arum by One Sugar Please Studio de France.

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almost: exordium by mgnmscrptmdvs from Russia.

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Rainbow Yggdrasil by Otorakobo Inc. Japan.

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Arabic: Super Harvest by Tim Overvliet of the Netherlands.

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