Part 2 Disclosure Celebration, Arc: Survival Evolved Free Distribution

Before the release of Arc 2, there was a good opportunity to play Arc: Survival Evolved (Arc). To commemorate the opening of the Arc 2 new trailer and the release time, you can download one free for about a week.

Studio Wild Card, who was in charge of the development and distribution of the Arc Series, announced on the 13th that it will distribute the Arc main work for free until 2 am (domestic time) on the 20th. The free distribution is a commemoration of the release of new information with the Arc Series’ new Arc 2 trailer at the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 on the 13th. In addition to this work, several DLCs must be purchased separately. The upgrade pack is also offering a 35% discount.


The Arc Series is an open world survival game that boasts high degree of freedom and various contents that mix both SF, dinosaur and fantasy. In 2015, Arc: Survival Evolved was launched earlier, and announced the start of the series last year, and last year’s new and numbering sequel Arc 2 was first unveiled. This Arc 2 is a famous Hollywood actress Bin Diesel, famous for his rage series, and has been a facial model for cinematic trailers.

The Arc 2 will be released in the first half of 2023 as the Xbox Series X/S and will be available on a PC.

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