[Todays Steam] Discount and trial board, Monheon Rise and Sunbreak

In the world’s best sales products in Steam, four kinds of monster Hunter Rise-related products have been raised in the top 10. The Monster Hunter Rise will be released on the 30th, and the new expansion pack ‘Sun Brake’ will be released, and the discount will begin immediately after the capcom showcase on the 14th. Discounts are the basic versions of the Monster Hunter Rise and the Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition. The basics are 49% off at 34,070 won, and the deluxe edition can be purchased at 4,40 won, 52% off.

In addition, the new expansion pack sunbrake will be distributed from the 15th of the Steam and Nintendo Switch trial. In the trial version, you can play tutorial quests for beginner users, Cheonryong Raises, and Expansion Pack Main Monster Mel-Jenna Subsubest. Through this, you can test the new field jungle and rapid replacement, which is a new action element through Sunbreak, so if you are considering the purchase of Sun Brake, it is worth checking.


In addition, the medieval action game Schwarel 2, which was launched to Steam on the 12th, continued to strengthen, and existing works such as V-Rising and Elden Ring kept the TOP 10. The Elden Ring, which has been ranked first and second after the release of a single game, is likely to step back to the new work.

Meanwhile, Lost Arc ranked first with 88,727 in the top 20 of the top 20 steam days. Lost Arc is still strong in the global market, but it is difficult to guarantee that the resin is 100% actually a real user because the problem of bot users is continuously raised locally. In addition, since general users point out the increase in bot users and complain of difficulties in connection, firm measures on related issues are required. In addition, the Arc: Survival Evolved, which will be distributed free of charge by the 20th, recorded 13,580 people, which is about twice as long as the previous day.

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