Maple Story, Summer Update Ignation Pre -warming up

Nexon held a pre-event ‘Ignation warmup’ on the 16th ahead of the large-scale update ‘Ignation’ of its popular online game Maple Story.

By June 29, the 8th day of the mission will be killed and killed by 2,000 monsters. By date, select symbol exchange tickets, mannequin vouchers, growth of growth of growth, soft/flush petal skin exchange tickets, and 2022 Me Live Rebirth Pet Box, Cody Box, Hair Box, and Money Box consisting of various items.

Nexon also released the summer update theme song IGNITION with the popular rock band Kukkasten. The theme song was officially released on the music site on the 11th, and on the 14th and 15th, the full version of the Kukkasten Performance Performance and Making video were introduced on the official YouTube channel of Maple Story.

This song contains the desire to start a free adventure in Maple World, and expresses the music style of Kukkasten with a light and exciting melody of fast tempo. In particular, in the performance video, the vocalist Ha Hyun-woo, who shows off the explosive treble, and various band sounds such as guitar, bass, and drums, are performing breathtakingly.


Meanwhile, Nexon plans to update ‘Extreme’ on July 28, starting with the Cygnus Knights Remaster on June 30, and on August 25, the new area ‘Lab, Audium’.

For more information about the pre-event ‘Ignition warmup’, please visit the official ‘Maple Story’ official website.

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