Official announcement of Final Fantasy VII Reverse. It will be released next winter as the second work of a trilogy

Square Enix officially announced Final Fantasy VII Reverse on June 17. The compatible platform is PS5, and the release time is next winter. The remake series of Final Fantasy VII was a trilogy, and it was revealed that the Final Fantasy VII Reverse was the second work.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a work that re-creates the game itself based on Final Fantasy VII released for PS. The graphics are full 3D using the latest technology, and the turn-based battle is an action-based. In the original version, the fields drawn from the viewpoint are also made three-dimensionally, and the games are remade on a large scale. Modernly created while carefully tracing the original. It also included its own elements and gained a high reputation.


The work was released in April 2020, and the story was drawn to the escape from Midgal. After all, the story is incomplete. It also suggests that the story development has changed from the original version. Square Enix has been declared after developing the sequel, and the follow-up report was waiting.

The published video shows a cloud walking in a vast field. There are also clouds walking with Sephiros, and directing that cloud suspects Tifa. It is a many suggested images. What kind of work will it be? As mentioned at the beginning, the remake series of Final Fantasy VII was revealed that it was a trilogy. Final Fantasy VII Reverse is the second work. In other words, the story does not seem to be completed in the same work. The following will be the comment of Tetsuya Nomura listed in the press release:

As described this time, there are currently four FFVII projects. Although the role of each of the four works is different, the world view of FFVII and the character are linked with high quality. At the time of the original development, I am involved in this project as a person who knows what intentions and thoughts each are created. And FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is a content that can be enjoyed enough for those who know the original or who do not know. Maybe you can enjoy it even if you enter from this second work. The new journey of the clouds starts with this work. I think the sights they see when they leave the Midgal will be a fresh experience for you.

The first subtitle of the first work REMAKE and the second work Rebirth will be attached to what intention, what the third work will be, and where this trip will arrive. I am. Development has been progressing at the top speed since the current system, and the title of this size rarely connected from the beginning to the end before the start of this production. There are some parts that have already entered the development of the third work, and I am also starting to make it. I will continue to deliver this work to you with the amount of heat as it is, and continue to run so that you can run to complete. In addition, we would like the other 25th anniversary project to connect FF7R.

Final Fantasy VII Reverse will be released next winter for PS5.

[Update 2022/6/17 8:30]
Fixed description of production in the video

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