[Todays Steam] Surviving on the raft, official launch

Steam’s survival game Raft, which was well-received in the stage, was ranked second in the world’s highest sales products, thanks to the 15% discount with the official launch on the 21st.

Raffe is a survival game that deals with surviving the raft of the hole, and the player must collect the ingredients that are floating on the current with their own or friends to reinforce the raft and save food by fishing or farming. In this process, sharks in the sea are threatened with a raft.

The raft, which was released before May 2018, was an indie game, but it was gradually known as it was word of mouth. Currently, Steam has maintained a good evaluation with ‘very positive (93%)’, and new content has been updated in line with the official launch.

First, three new islands appear. ‘Baruna Point’ and ‘Temperance’ will appear, and the other island should find yourself. The story was also reorganized. The story was reorganized for the newly added island and was simplified as a whole. In addition, new survivors arrived at the raft with new enemies such as Mokmok, Scutler, Bear, and Hyena. Here, new buildings and things needed for survival have been added.

In addition, God of Wars entered third place, with a 20% discount, followed by a 25% discount, followed by the horror action FPS game GTFO in fourth. In addition, Days, which had a 40% discount, ranked 6th and 20% discounted: Spice Wars ranked 10th.

In the top 20 of the steam day, the Lost Arc dropped down. It recorded 27,843 people, up 6,800 from yesterday, and braked to decrease the number of continued partners. Raft, which was mentioned earlier this time, ranked 16th with 6,581 people with the official launch.

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