Users are concerned about adding a player reporting system of Minecraft. Concerns about BAN ignoring context

In the sandbox game Minecraft , there seems to be concerns about the player reporting system implemented on a trial basis. Some users have the possibility of incorrect BAN disposal, etc. by the system.

Minecraft is a sandbox-type survival craft game. You can enjoy construction, exploration, and battle, and the degree of freedom is a popular work that sells. Currently, the Player Report System, which was currently being discussed in the Snapshot 22W24A released for the Java version on June 15, is currently being discussed in this work community. It seems that some users are concerned about this new system.

The report system introduced in the Minecraft this time is a system that allows you to report other players by selecting chat sentences. The content of the report is classified into several categories, and users select and report appropriate types, such as hate speech, harassment, and violent remarks. If the report is determined to be appropriate, the reported malicious user may be suspended.

Until now, Minecraft did not have a game built-in reporting system. The response to malicious players was based on server BANs and other services by server administrators. However, with the introduction of a new system, problematic players may be punished throughout Minecraft. It is a function that anticipates the strengthening of security. After implementation in a snapshot, it was also included in the 1.19.1 Pre-Release 1 update on June 21, and the possibility of official implementation is rich. However, the new system seems to be calling users’ concerns and rebound.

For example, Fitmc, a popular YouTuber, who features the content of Minecraft, seems to be opposite to the reporting system. He expressed his claim for the latest update of this work in a video posted on YouTube. The implementation of the reporting system has been criticized as a terrible rule, stating that Microsoft’s policy, which acquired the developer Mojang. The video has been attracting attention, with 770,000 plays around at the time of writing, and about 70,000 highly evaluated.

According to the video, Fitmc’s concern is the ambiguity of the reporting system. He is worried that the word to be reported will not be scrutinized in what context will be scrutinized, and that the wrong account will be suspended. Fitmc also questions the large number of reporting categories. For example, categories such as sake and drag and spoofing. He commented on the topic of alcohol and drugs in some cases that are educational conversations. He pointed out that he would be punished even if he just joked, saying, I am a famous actor, and I am a famous actor. In addition, I am worried that if you say jumping off the cliff to a player near the cliff in the game, it may be a report. Fitmc explains that if the context led to remarks or situation is not taken into account, inappropriate punishment may be down.

In fact, this is not the first time that the reporting system in this work has become a criticism. Minecraft Bedrock version, a version for mobile and console, has introduced a report system two years before the Java version. At the time of the introduction of the Bedrock version of the reporting system, the ambiguity was regarded as a problem.

For this reason, JOEL SAKI (mc_raijinn), a community manager of Mojang’s Mojang, responded to the user’s question on the overseas bulletin board Reddit. (Reddit). In the conversation, SASAKI asked the user, Why is there a place to report if you accidentally receive an account suspension (wrong BAN)? Regarding the reason why there is no place to report, Sasaki says, The punishment of the Bedrock version is only because there is a very obvious violation, and the scrutiny is being conducted through a highly trained moderator. Answer. He was criticized for not considering the incorrect BAN due to an artificial mistake.

In addition, SASAKI said, I took into account the recent internet culture, even if it was a report that could be intimidated and obtained, even if it was a report that could be intimidated. If the intimidation should be treated seriously, no matter what content is. The remarks that were caught in the meaning of not considering the context of the conversation, resulted in further opposition. However, at least the Java version of the report system has been explained again on the website. It states that all reports are scrutinized by the team, including chat history.

Fitmc also states the 2B2T, which is considered to be the largest irregular zone server of Minecraft. In the 2B2T, harassment (green) for other players is allowed, and it is not unusual for players to destroy other buildings. Fitmc is concerned that such a highly flexible play space without any rules may be reported. Fitmc also commented on concerns that the subject of the report could be other than chat, such as signboards in the game that wrote threatening texts. Once again, the ambiguity of the reporting system and the application range are issued as a problem.

The above-mentioned Minecraft official website reporting system description page states that all players can play in a safe and secure environment. However, the possibility that the reporting system may be abused in trivial events or incorrect punishment under wrong judgment will be taken. However, the page states that the inappropriate abuse of the reporting system may be punished by the item that says abuse of the reporting system, and that abuse may be punished. It seems that Mojang is also considering the abuse risk. In addition, the opposition to the disposal is possible from the Case Review page.

The report system is expected to be officially introduced in the Minecraft version 1.19.1, which will be released on June 28. What criteria will be used and how will the community affect the community? Also, if an incorrect account suspension is made, will it be quick response?

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