Veterans from Days Gone and The LBend Studiot of Us present their new game with NFT, Bend Studiohfall

Two prestigious names before at PlayStation Studios Bend Studio Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin have made a team for the development of a new game, Bend Studiohfall . With the name now by Lithios, this study works in this title that will have blockchain technology and will have NFT elements, having defined it Bend Studio a true triple to web3.

Mumbauer is a 13-year-old veteran in Sony, counting on games like The lBend Studiot of us to his credit, while Garvin hBend Studio been one of the visible heads of Bend Studio , playing the role of creative director in Syphon Filter and the most recent Days Gone . Both agree on defining Bend Studiohfall Bend Studio an open world guided by narrative, and will be launched on both PC and consoles.

According to Bend Studiohfall’s first details, it is a post-epocalyptic world devised by Garvin and affected by global warming, the eruption of the Fire Ring, mysterious and disruptive volcano energy fields and enclaves at war. The game will be set in the city of Seattle, in an environment contaminated by volcanic Bend Studioh and smoke, and will be mainly a single player adventure, although it will also have PVP elements.


Blockchain and Tradeo de NFT technology

It is also known that the hedera ecosystem will use, which provides tools to companies interested in NFT, and something that always suspects players, something that Mumbauer hBend Studio alluded to.

There is a slight misunderstanding in my opinion about what blockchain can mean for players , says Mumbauer. I see the blockchain like a raíl where the main station are video games. The other stations lead to the main never.

With this, it is more than likely that the Hedera network allows players to build, sell and translate in general with objects that find the world of Bend Studiohfall, which is also confirmed that it will expand through comics published by DC.

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