The price required for the strongest equipment of Diablo Immortal is about 73 million yen. Not 15 million yen

Criticism has been raised about the billing system for the MMO action RPG Diablimortal by Blizzard Entertainment/Netease Games. The other day, a user estimation that had been assumed to be assumed to be the strongest equipment acquisition was posted several times, and was resonated.

Diablo Immortal is the latest work of the Diablo series, which is also known as the monument of the Hakusura Action RPG. It has been distributed on iOS/Android since this month, and is currently being offered as an open beta for PCs. This work adopts a basic play free system. Instead, a small billing system has been introduced. However, there were some concerns from fans in such a policy of this work. This is because the Diablo series has been purchased. Despite being an attractive series that is immersed in character enhancement, he was concerned that he would need a heavy charge to strengthen the character.

On the other hand, Blizzard Entertainment responded to such concerns in an official announcement. He said that he wanted to make it a fair-oriented billing factor that did not disturb the gameplay of defeating the devil and obtaining equipment, which is the core of the series, with Game Play Priority. It was also very important that the only way to get equipment was to play. Although it was announced two years ago, it was a policy of a billing that would not affect the fun of core gameplay, which repeats combat and reinforcement.

However, many users do not seem to feel so now that this work has been released. This is because MetAcritic’s iOS version user reviews were 5779 at the time of writing, and the overall user score was 0.4 points. It is a value out of 10 points. Almost the same as the PC version, the overall user score is 0.3 points for 4303 reviews. And most of the user’s criticism reviews are accused of the billing element is too bad.

As an example of the adjustment of the billing element of this work, the topic of the previous day was, If you want to make the jewel, which is a character-enhanced element, the maximum state, a billing of about $ 110,000 (about 15 million yen). It is an estimate that it will be needed (Game Rant). This is a calculation by YouTuber’s Bellar News, which was reported in each media along with the impactful amount, which resonated the user.

What kind of jewelry that requires such a large amount is? In the Diablo series except the first generation, there is a system that inserts jewelry into equipment and grants performance. The jewelry system of Diablo Immortal also follows it. There are legendary jewelry with a normal jewel that is generally available and has a special effect, as well as a normal jewel. And the way of obtaining this legendary jewelry is quite limited except for billing in this work. Furthermore, among the legendary jewelry, the star 5 gems are rare. Although there are some ways to obtain it without charge, it is difficult to obtain in the first place.

In addition, the Legendary gem has a five-stage quality in addition to its own rank. And the highest quality star 5 Legendary Jewels (commonly known as 5/5) will go up further. Even if you charge, it’s a pretty narrow gate. For example, in one of the ways to obtain, the Elder Lift lap using billing items has a 5/5 legendary jewel emission rate of only 0.045 %.

According to an estimation by the overseas bulletin board Reddit user, the average luck is $ 2450 (about 330,000 yen), but if you are lucky, $ 25530 (about 3.45 million yen). It is necessary to pay. Players can attach this legendary jewel to six equipment, which matches the estimation that trying to arrange the best gems costs about 15 million yen. However, on June 26, a user appeared in the Reddit that argued in the about 15 million yen theory.

Users argued that the best gem is about 15 million yen, but about 73 million yen. The estimation of about 15 million yen, which is trembling, is incorrect, and the reality is even more severe. According to the user, this is the reason that this work has a further mechanism for waste billers. That is the Awakening system.

The awakening system is possible by inserting a legendary jewelry, which has been enhanced to the maximum rank, into a certain rank or more legendary equipment (such as armor, weapons, etc.). It is an element that can benefit from granting new abilities and enhancing status. This is also basically a charged item, Dawn Kodama. And by generating awakening, the gemstone socket increases by 5. If you wake up at 6 equipment, it will increase by 30. In proportion, the required billing amount for the highest equipment also jumps. As a result, a budget of $ 540,000 (about 73 million yen) is required. It is said that this is a estimation in case of luck.

In some cases, the harshness of this work is conveyed. It’s the case of Strreamer Quin. He charged a lot to get a 5/5 legendary jewelry. He got a 5/5 legendary jewel, spending about 25,000 New Zeland dollars (about 2.14 million yen). However, during the streaming, he deleted the character of Diablo’s Immortal while fucking a fuck sign to the screen to indicate the intention of protests, and uninstalled the work. He also reply to BLIZZARD and the official Twitter, saying, Thank you, thank you for the venerable Diablo experience when you get a 5/5 jewel. This would be ironic to the billing element that would spend a lot of money when pursuing strength.

Diablo Immortal will of course be able to enjoy without charging. On the other hand, aiming for the top of the power with endless treasure hunt and equipment enhanced loop should be the biggest attraction of the Diablo series, the Hakusura monitoring tower. The fact that the bill of billing is standing there is that fans in the past are not particularly welcome. However, contrary to the sluggish evaluation, some analysis has analyzed that the sales of this work exceeded $ 24 million in two weeks (about 3.25 billion yen) (Forbes). Will Blizzard respond to the user’s voice in the future?

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