Craftton, Matching Grant Donation with Seoul National University

[Seoul National Moon Young-soo reporter] Craepton (CEO Chang-Han Kim) announced on the 28th that it has agreed with the members of the Department of Information and Culture at Seoul National University by matching grant. Following the donation to the Business School in October last year, it is the second donation conducted by members from Seoul National University.


The Development Fund is to expand the game experience of Seoul National University and foster IT convergence talent ▲ Establishing game development tools and Unreal Engine practice environment ▲ Remodeling information culture and lecture room ▲ VR, monitor, console, game equipment and consumables ▲ It will be used for sponsorship before the task.

The Kraftton recruitment team participated in the information culture and assignments held at Seoul National University for the 23rd and 24th on the 23rd and 24th, and held a recruitment briefing for students who are interested in employment in the game industry. In addition, Chung Gu-seung, the head of the department of producer of Craepon Publishing, who proposed the donation, participated as a speaker to communicate directly with his juniors as a business senior.

Lim Ha-jin, a professor of information and culture at Seoul National University, said, The Department of Information and Culture, Seoul National University, is cultivating talented people leading the IT and media industry. I will use it to improve the training environment.

Chung Ku-seung, head of Craftton, said, The juniors who dream of becoming a game developer have participated in the matching grant donation to help gain various experiences in a better environment. I hope it will be used meaningfully to grow.

Matching Grant, meanwhile, is a voluntary donation culture program of members that Craftton began in 2021, and the company will donate to the funds that are voluntarily raised by employees who are employed.

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