A Chinese store criticizes the Nintendo Switch Joycon on international games

Based upon this Nintendolife report, a complaint has actually just recently been shared on the Weibo social media site. This customer notes that after getting a system with the Joycon problem, he spoke to the seller who sold it, a business called JD.

Nevertheless, a scenario occurred with the current release of the system in China, while a store tried to condemn something apart from the devices.

At this phase, the majority of owners of Nintendo Switch are aware of the issues of drift that affected some controllers Joycon? This is a trouble that has actually because been (generally) fixed by the business, proposing to fix these Joycons-even without proof of purchase-and to function extra on present designs to ensure that they do not have this trouble.

The story they obtained was… weird, to claim the least. I talked to client service and also they informed me that the habits of Joy-Cons is not assured on import games and also that I must evaluate withnveau Super Mario Bros. u Deluxe.

No word yet on what the customer after that did (apart from considering never ever shopping at this store once more), but Nintendo began to supply free fixings to Joycons previously this year to fix the issue of drift. We do not recognize what kind of range A worldwide, yet given the Chinese video game market, it must possibly believe concerning it.


It is. Joycon’s drift is clearly a product problem, and the video games have absolutely nothing to do with it. It seems that JD was attempting to take benefit of the scenario, as opposed to fixing it really.

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