Com2us Holdings 4 popular games, abundant summer events

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 5th that it will hold a rich summer event of four popular games for the summer season. The games that hold the event are new works, Working Dead: All-Stars, as well as ‘Be Star!’

‘Walking Dead’ original comics-based RPG, ‘Walking Dead: All-Stars’ will showcase a unique coupon event. Until July 11, every week, the coupon containing gifts in the community is released. Until the 26th of this month, ‘General Recruitment Ticket’ and ‘Canned’ coupons are provided, and even after the news, it plans to provide coupons of useful items such as ‘inclination’, ‘torn notes’ (Epic), and ‘integrated report’ according to the news. to be.

Longevity mobile game, ‘Be Star!’ Is a Summer Vacation Roulette Event. By the 13th of this month, ‘Roulette Points’ from ‘Day Exploration’, ‘Arena’ and ‘World Boss’ can be acquired by ‘Hero Reinforcement’, ‘Minesian Uranos Card’, and ‘Samgyetang Chicken’. ?all. Samgyetang Chicken can be given to the hero who wants to obtain the hero’s Infinity Card.

The Dark Fantasy Concolling RPG, the Iran of Light, will open the ‘Cool Summer Bingo Event’ by the 25th of this month. Every time you achieve each line of bingo boards, you can get a total of 25 rich items, such as ‘Artifact Summoning’, ‘8-star Equipment Options’ and ‘5-star Summon Stone’.

Eternal Sword, a collectible RPG, which is popular for its large-scale battles, will hold ‘July of Lucky July’ until the 11th of this month. If you access the game during the event, ‘200 ice cream’ will be paid by mail every day. ‘Ice Cream’ can bet on the Monster Running Event, and you can get more ice cream by ranking first. Ice cream can be exchanged for ‘Kingcoin’ and can be purchased rare items such as the Legendary Weapon Summoner, the Legendary Armor Summoner, and the Unique Promotion Stone of the Hero.

Com2us Holdings offers a lot of gifts by holding a unique summer event to reward users’ support. For more information, please visit the official game community and game access.

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