How to get and use titanium ore in RAFT

Titanic ore is the material necessary for the manufacture of titanium ingots in RAFT. You can use titanium ingots to make various items, but a few steps are required to obtain the necessary ore. In short, you will need to make metal detector as well as shovel . If you have a shovel and a metal detector, you can use both tools to search for titanium ore treasures on different islands.

You can use a metal detector to find places to search for treasures, and you can use a shovel to dig a treasure. Continue to look for treasures, and in the end you will find titanium ore. You can also get portfolios and safe during treasure hunting. The discovery of both will sometimes reward you with titanium ore.

how to make a shovel on the raft

To make a shovel to search for treasures of titanium ore on the raft, you must first examine it along with metal ingots through the research table. Having studied metal bullion and shovel, you can create a shovel from the following resources:

  • One metal ingot
  • One bolt
  • Six boards


How to make a metal detector in RAFT

To create a metal detector on the raft, you must first examine it with the help of the research table. After you study the metal detector, you can create it from the following resources:

  • 12 plastic
  • Six scrap
  • One battery

Why RAFT uses titanium ingots?

Players can use titanium ingots to make objects such as titanium swords, processors and large storage containers. Here is a list of all objects that can be made from titanium ingots:

  • Charger
  • Electric cleaner
  • Water tank
  • Large storage
  • Processors
  • Titanium swords

how to melt titanium ore in RAFT

If you want to melt the titanium ore on the raft, you will need a melting. You can build a melting in RAFT with the following resources:

  • Four boards
  • Six dry bricks
  • Four scrap
  • Six nails

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