PlayStation presents 7 brutal indies that will arrive very soon in PS4 and PS5: among them, inscryptation

After the announcement of the launch date of the Hop of War Ragnarok, Sony does not stay there on their social networks. The firm already brought out the usual way to present indies games ads every 15 minutes.

So, we have been able to know that 7 new games will arrive in PS4 and PS5, some of them, among the best valued indies of recent months or some of the most important promises that are yet to come. We all collect you.

Sea of Stars


This J-RPG Neo-Retro comes from the hand of the creators of the great The Messenger and has confirmed its premiere on PS4 and PS5, but without a new trailer. In fact, it was presented during the announcement of Nintendo Switch 6 months ago, but it doesn’t matter, we see him again for the pleasure of seeing his pixel-art again. On the other hand, the launch of the game was recently postponed for a 2023 wave, so you will have to be patient before you can touch this descendant of Chrono Trigger.


Here is a good idea that we also saw before at the Summer Game Fest: in Schim, the players control a small frog that can only move and jump from shade in shade. In a contemporary context with multiple opportunities to evolve in the contours of many objects and with its very cleaned artistic direction (of the most beautiful effects), Scim smells like a good independent surprise. At the moment a release date has not been announced, but the game should be launched on PS4 and PS5.

Cult of the Lamb

Like a demonic goat, build a cult at the height of your ambitions in Cult of the Lamb, another break that will try to come and face the incontestable games such as Hades or The Binding of Isaac. In addition to the exits to the dungeons, it will be possible to take great care of your illuminated growing a garden. If this part of the cult management between each execution is successful, it could be the determining aspect of the game.

If you want to know more about this future Goty Indie, we have recently published our impressions.


Described as an atmospheric horror adventure, Signalis is one of the only new ads of this new barrage of independent games that appear in the PlayStation machines. The latter seems to bet on veterans with a 32-bit aesthetic and reminds us of the wonderful Fear Effect in PS1. Signalis will be available on PS4 on October 7.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition

Available since 2016 in its first edition, The Tomorrow Children is a construction and action game developed by Q-Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. On September 6, 2022, the title will return in a Phoenix edition full of new features in PS5. In an alternative future, you must ensure that human civilization is preserved. One of the most original proposals of recent years that, in this way, continues to expand.

Curse to Golf

Curse to Golf will arrive on August 18 and is a golf-like, that is, a 2D lateral displacement golf with Roguelike elements. A combination a bit strange but that has already been shown that it works. You just have to check it with the trailer:


Inscryption is a dark odyssey based on letters that is partly Roguelike, partly escape puzzles and partly psychological horror. For a video game, it is a fairly powerful mixture. What begins as a devilish card creation game quickly becomes something very different. In fact, in his analysis he has managed to be, for the moment, the highest note we have ever given in MGG.

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