On God of War 2 Ragnarok

Before we conclude a week loaded with wonderful info for God of War fans, we have an interesting exploration for you. It has to do with the worlds that we are likely to see in Kratos and Atreus’ 2nd journey together. Including the home of the Aesir, Asgard, the house of Freya, Odin and Thor, that play a vital role in Ragnarök.

Please note: The post addresses, to name a few things, story-relevant events from God of War

Map shows all 9 worlds of God of War.

In addition to the launch of God of War 2 Ragnarök on November 9, 2022, two Collector’s Editions were also revealed mid-week. Essential right here is the supposed Jötnar Edition, which contains a map of all nine worlds along with Thor’s hammer:

We were already permitted to go to a total of six of these globes in God of War (2018 ). Including, certainly, Midgard (on the left aware) as the linchpin of the tale, where we meet Jörmungandr, much better called the World Serpent.

In addition to Alfheim , Helheim , Jotunheim , we likewise went to the intense Muspelheim (bottom left in the image) as well as to Nilfheim (leading left in the image) as appropriate wintry reverse. However, 3 of the worlds were rejected to us: Asgard, Svartalfheim as well as Vanaheim.

A first check out Asgard

  • The fantastic event, which stands for among the twelve incredible castles and which we want to be able to check out in Ragnarök.
  • The Bifrost Rainbow Bridge, which connects Asgard as well as Midgard.

Probably the most crucial world for the plot is likely to be the house of Thor as well as the Asen family of gods. On the map, you can see Asgard at the very leading of the map. 2 points are of passion below.

Does the map program one more boss?

Most likely the most vital globe for the plot is most likely to be the home of Thor and also the Asen household of gods. Have you spotted Nidhöggr? At the bottom right, gripping a kind of compass, the dragon Nidhöggr is possibly hiding. Did you discover any kind of more keys on the map? .

Have you identified Nidhöggr? Near the bottom right, clutching a kind of compass, the dragon Nidhöggr is possibly concealing. Given that, according to Norse mythology, he just torments the dead, Kratos is unlikely to mess with him. Unless… however no, definitely YOU Santa Monica Studio would never ever do that. OR!?

According to GamesRadar+, an opponent can be hiding on the map, in the middle of the intense Muspelheim. If you take a closer check out the world over, there is an individual beside the smaller ideal volcano who is hypothesized to be the fire giant, ruler of Muspelheim as well as adversary of the Aesir Surt .

The fantastic point is that the map a minimum of offers us a little preference of what we can anticipate in the game in November. Incidentally, if you intend to review the rune text of the card, this means.

Which gods Kratos as well as Atreus will truly mess with in the 2nd component for PS4 as well as PS5 is of training course not yet particular. The only point that is clear is that Freya and also Thor are not really on great terms with the Spartan.

Did you discover any type of more tricks on the map? If so, please let us understand in the comments. .

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