Kojima, review legal response to Rumor of Abe sniper

The Kojima Productions can start with an inappropriate synthesis of former Japanese prime minister snipers, and it can issue a statement on rumors that spread to media reports and consider legal measures.


On the 8th, former Prime Minister Abe died of a sniper by Tetsuya Yamagami, who had a grudge during the campaign for the parliamentary elections. Since then, the media in each country have been breaking the news, and the online community also shared the news.

When the photo was shared at the time of the incident, some wrote that the sniper killer Yamagami resembled Kojima Productions, Kojima Hideo. Some users also shared Kojima’s image on a post on the death of former Prime Minister Abe or made synthetic images through the community.

Since then, Damiang Ryu of the French Far Right Party Financial Works has been controversial, posting the image on his SNS. He shared the image of Kojima Hideo, who was shared on his SNS on the online community ‘4chan’, and wrote that ‘the far left was killed’. Kojima in the picture was posing with Che Guevara’s photos. Since then, Damiang Ryu has deleted the post, knowing that he has misunderstood Kojima and sniper, but Greek broadcasting, Ant1 TV and Iranian broadcasts, also broadcasted and reported Kojima as a sniper.

Kojima Productions issued an official statement on the 9th as the wrong contents spread. Kojima Productions said in a statement that we strongly condemn fake news and rumors that deliver false information. In addition, it is said that it does not tolerate defamation and can take legal measures in some cases.

On the other hand, some pointed out that the expression that the appearance of Japanese appearance was inevitably distinguished after the announcement of Kojima Productions had a racist meaning.

Kojima Hideo is a developer of the Metal Gear series. In 2015, after leaving Konami, he established a developer named after Kojima Productions, the name of his studio, and also introduced ‘Death Stranding’.

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