Guide to Hogsport at Two Point Hospital

Hogsport is the first hospital you will find in World 1 Two Point Hospitals. This is the Hospital where you will learn all the basic things to create a huge hospital empire.

This guide will cover all the details you need to know about Hogsport Hospital at Two Point Hospital, such as its best layout, star goals, staff training tips, and a walkthrough.

Best Two Point Hospital Layout for Hogsport

The main facilities at Two Points Hospital Hogsport include general diagnostics, general practice, pharmacy, ward, staff room and restrooms.

You will also receive a De-lux clinic for dizziness treatment. These are the main rooms you will find in the general layout of Hogsports.

The best Hogsport layout will depend entirely on your budget. Because if you plan to serve more patients daily by increasing the star level of the hospital, you will need to hire more staff and resources.

So if you think you are ready to handle a 3-star hospital, then this will be better for you as you have a lot of options and can create the best layout for Hogsport by yourself.

Hogsport Star Goals

Hogsport 1 star Goals

  • Cure 3 dizzy patients


  • Unlocks lower oxen (level) and frivolous poster
  • Bonus $10,000
  • 100 thanks

Hogsport 2 stars Goals

  • Heal 25 patients
  • Earn $200,000
  • Raise the level of the hospital to 6


  • Unlocks the savory snack vending machine
  • Bonus $20,000
  • 150 Kudosh

Hogsport 3 stars

  • Heal 30 patients
  • Earn $400,000
  • Hospital cost $750,000



  • Opens a newsstand
  • Bonus $30,000
  • 200 thanks

Hogsport Employee Training Tips

The Training Staff is another mechanic in Two Point Hospital that is unlocked after reaching level 3. Once you can train your staff, start with the receptionist.

Be sure to upgrade his skills such as emotions, intelligence, and stamina. As a physician, you must combine skills such as general practice and diagnostics.

You can train a janitor to increase his skills such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training, and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things by increasing these skills.

The janitors are the backbone and you will need to invest in them to keep the hospital running smoothly.

You must take steps to reduce their workload. You can place fire extinguishers in the right place so that they do not have to run for a long time in an emergency.

Just upgrade the abilities of all the staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the most out of them.

Hogsport: how to manage staff morale

To manage the morale of your staff at Two Point Hospital Hogsport, you must make sure they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you need to make sure you provide them with basic amenities.

You can provide them with a staff room where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a flyer stand, a drinks machine, and a snack machine.

While providing these amenities, make sure you also have trash cans nearby. Not just for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients.

Because if the patients are unhappy, they will move to another hospital. If possible, increase the salary of employees to make them happier.

Walkthrough of Hogsport

The first level you will pass is the training level. You will find major diseases that you can cure quite easily. At the start, everyone will get +10% happiness from the Hogsport is Beautiful trait.

This means patients and hospital staff will get 10% more happiness. After that, it’s time to select the staff for your hospital. At the start, do not hire highly qualified employees.

You can start with a Doctor with just one or two qualifying slots. It would be even better if there were several doctors with the same skills as GP1 and GP2.

The advantage is that even without training, they will get better when they are promoted.

Once your staff reaches a certain XP, a screen asking for a promotion will appear. There is no need to promote if you have a limited budget. You must strategize when to promote.

The staff will get-5% happiness because of this, but since you already have 10% extra happiness, you can ignore it. If you give them a raise, you will make them happy, but your balance will begin to decrease rapidly.

In this first region, you must complete all levels until you get all three stars, because they will unlock car upgrades and other useful items.

You should do it at this stage of the game in order to get better results later. This will allow you to treat your patient more effectively, and the Hospital will run smoothly enough.

You will already see emergencies where 5-7 patients with the same disease come in for emergency treatment. At this stage, you will need some treatment rooms, so level up your hospital to 3 stars.

It is at this point that you also need to hire additional staff. You can do this by pausing the game right here. Use the Pick-Up option to place them in the right place.

You can take risks in emergencies if you have available rooms and staff. Patients here won’t die just because the timer expired and you couldn’t cure their illnesses.

You will receive partial money if you cannot save all patients from diseases. Just make sure you treat at least half of the patients you deal with.

Things will get more difficult as your star level increases, so don’t try to handle emergencies when you’re not fully prepared with a star level as high as 3.

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