How to get and use algae in RAFT

If you want to get algae on the raft, you must search water around different islands. Sea algae can appear in water randomly, so you may take some time before you find algae. Another source of algae is various drawers with prey, which can appear both on abandoned rafts and on huts in RAFT.

Nevertheless, you will not get a lot of drawers with prey, so the best way to get seaweed is to grow them in water near the islands. As soon as you get seaweed, you can melt them into a unique resource called Vine Goo. To melt seaweed in Vine Goo, you should have a melting, so here’s how to make a melting on the raft:

How to make a melting for melting algae in RAFT

Players can build a melting by collecting the following materials on the raft:

  • Four boards
  • Six dry bricks
  • Four scrap
  • Six nails

As soon as you make a melting, place it and place it in it all the algae that you collected. After a few seconds, the melting plant will turn algae into grape mucus. Then you can use Vine GOO to prepare recipes in RAFT.

How to use Vine Good in RAFT

After you make wine from the vine with the help of a smelter, you can use it in the following recipes:

  • Empty bottles
  • Pots
  • Juicer
  • Pure network
  • Basic onions

  • Oxygen balloon
  • Flippers
  • Printed circuit board

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