Wow dragonflight: revealed the first sets of expansion class

Widely acclaimed when the armor sets for each class in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are finally revealed in this first version of the alpha expansion. We are going to compare them with their original concept art that had excited us so much.

* Note: There is only one color available at this time, and it is likely that there are additional visual effects in the form of animation in the game. These first images should be taken with caution!

Chaman class set

The set shaman is probably the one that suffers the most with the only color currently available. If his concept art proposed a version in which we perceived a lightning emanating from his shoulders, which we have access seems to be inspired more in a more seismic version that reminds the Tierra del Fuego (the T12) in normal.

Hunter class set

The Set of Hunter is probably one of those that best respected its concept art, although the color varies between the two. We will especially regret that the helmet probably lacks a bit of that draconian aspect that we saw in the concept art.

Demons hunter class set

The case of Demon Hunter is complex. On the one hand, the fact that we only have an image of a human instead of an elf contributes greatly to the difference between the concept art and this.

Last but not least: color. Inevitably, moving from an aggressive red and white to a quite soft white and purple contributes greatly to the great disappointment that this set represents.

Death Knight Class Set

The Set of Death Knight is a breath of fresh air after the previous disappointment. Very faithful to the idea that developers had of him before his introduction in the game, in general he only suffers from a single and very recurring problem: his color.

Witch class set

Unfortunately, the horn’s horns are not oriented in the same direction as in the concept art, which hurts the aggressiveness that emanated from this set, and the shoulders are undoubtedly one of the greatest disappointments: goodbye skewers, Sharp blades and infernal flames that emanate from them, instead they are offered… huge skulls.


Druid class set

This set of Duida is particularly formidable since it is one of the only ones that manages to be even better than the concept art of the 1. In general, everything is respected to the letter to the slightest detail, although, of course, the representation is different: nor can miracles be done.

Evocative class set

There has been a lot of the set Evoker since its revelation. There are great differences that contribute to a slight disappointment of fans of this class. First and most important: shoulder pads. Along the same lines, the helmet also saw how their black and straight horns became gray and folded back.

Guerrero class set

Like the Druid , there is little to say about the Guerrero as a whole. True to its concept art up to the smallest detail, it is probably one of the most successful sets of this class to date.

Magician class set

The set Magician is great news! Very promising in its conceptual version, it corresponds perfectly to the image they originally gave us. Naturally, the color and visual effects of the concept art will probably be available in the version dedicated to Mythic Mode, but as it is, the idea seems good to us.

Monk class set

The monk once again has the right to a very disappointing set. However, the original idea is very respected, but the models of the breeds at stake (especially the human) do not correspond to the version that the developers had imagined.

Paladin class set

Strongly criticized and ridiculed, the entire Paladin seems particularly successful. Again, it is worth mentioning that the golden effects and colors of concept art will probably be reserved for the mythical version.

Priest class set

The entire priest suffers the same problem as that of the sorcerer : his robe seems (at least in a human) a blouse. Apart from this annoying detail, and if we omit the colors of the concept art that (remember once again), this set seems better to us.

Rogue class set

Terrible… That is the word that comes to mind when we think of this set of Rogue . Unfortunately, the delicacy and subtlety of the conceptual version have completely disappeared in favor of what could almost be a set of Guerrero .

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