Are the PlayStation Network servers do not work? How to check the status of server PSN

Do you have PlayStation problems? Naturally, asking if you are the only or there is a more serious problem at the end of the PlayStation. Try these methods to determine what exactly is happening with PSN servers.

How to officially check the status of the server PlayStation Network

The most official way to check the PSN status and find out if the PlayStation servers work is to visit the official PSN service page. On this page, PlayStation constantly updates the status of its PSN servers. Although they are almost always accurate, players sometimes say that PlayStation can slowly recognize problems on their part. Take the status of the site as mostly true, with some probability of slow psn update.

Other ways to check the status of the server PSN

If for some reason you do not trust the results obtained on the official PSN website, or just want to get additional confirmation, there are other options. Use these unofficial ways to determine the status of the PSN server.


/ Check Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable resource for obtaining information in real time and discuss in the community. You can look for Twitter themes or PlayStation accounts to find out what others say. Sometimes you can see a stream of tweets in which the problems with PSN at their end will also be announced.


Valuable resource for many online programs. Downdetector is a tool controlled by the community that determines whether the service is working. This is done on the basis of user reports, which means that PSN users can go to the site and report if they have problems. As soon as the reports exceed a certain level, Downdetector will report that PSN servers do not work.

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