Scarlet and Purple Pokemon will give you the legendary at the beginning, and it will be your vehicle to explore Paldea

The Pokémon Company has just shown enough information about the two new installment of Pokémon: scarlet and purple . The game developed by Gamefreak and published by the Japanese giant, has talked about everything a little and, for the first time in history, a main game of the saga will be open-world , in addition to being set in Spain and with A region full of ecosystems. The name that said region has received has been that of Paldea . From the hand of one of its top responsible, we have been able to learn more about everything that will come, which has planned its departure for next November 19 for everyone.


legendary from the beginning and a world open to the Zelda style

Two great novelties Differentials have been announced for the next installment: on the one hand, The two legendary Pokémon who star in the cover, Miraidon and Koraidon, will be available from the beginning of our adventure in the lands of Paldea and will work as the main transport throughout the region. Because yes, we will finally have a Pokémon of open world in its entirety . What does this mean? Well, we can start our departure where we want, either starting with the rock, fire or plant gym. In addition, we can fly and swim with this Pokémon, so that flight or surf skills are likely to be optional or secondary.

What we do not know exactly is whether these gyms will have a fixed level or depend on the level at which we are. The first option seems the most viable, but seeing all the changes that have added to this delivery we cannot assure ourselves at all. In addition, we have been able to see new types of pokémon and transformations never seen so far related to the glass. Maybe it’s a track of the next remake of the saga? We will only know that in the future.

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