The era of Altea is a list of the best races

Era of Althea is a great role-playing play in the Fantasy genre for Roblox, in which you can become a powerful wizard, studying new abilities and traveling around the open world, fighting with the threatening darkness. In the beginning, random features and races are given to you, and you must do everything possible with what you have, or try to transfer to the best. So, what races should you try to get for the best gameplay? Take a look at what, in our opinion, is a list of levels from the best to the worst.

What is the best race in Era of Althea?

The best race in the era of Altea is elf because of its high magical indicator, higher than that of any other race. He also has the equally high characteristics of the instantry, which makes it the best race when it comes to the use of spells. Although he lacks an aspect of physical strength, which is better for some other races, he still remains on the rank above the rest.

List of the best races for era of althea

We believe that these are races from the best to the worst, focused exclusively on magical abilities, and then on the number of all skills. While some races have higher or more balanced characteristics in various aspects than elves, such as physical strength and mind, magic is one of the most important skills when it comes to battles and power in the game.

What are the races in Era of Althea?


Race is what gives your character certain attributes and skills during the game. Some races are physically stronger, while others are smarter. They will allow your character to succeed in various aspects of life during the adventure. Everyone has statistics that affects: physical strength , magic quantity , instant control and quick wits . You can check your statistics by pressing m to open the menu and view the diagrams on the left side. All your attributes, such as your race, line and binding at present, will also be listed here. You can try outplay any of them by pressing the icon with the sign of the dollar and the arrows around it.

All races in Era of Althea can be useful in different aspects of the game, since each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, if you do not get the one you want right away, continue to try to transfer until you get it. You will definitely become a powerful wizard as soon as possible!

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