[PWS] Guangdong Akard Lim Kwang -hyun wanders in offline competition… To take this flow

On the 7th, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Click Final 3 was terminated.

In this Weekly Final, Guangdong Prix won the victory and earned 10 million won.

Weekly Finals 3 weeks found that 6 Match Guangdong Prix, 7 Match Gibli Esports, 8 Match Go & Go Prince, 9 Match GNE Sports, and 10 Match Guangdong Prix each took the chicken.

After the third week, the interview was conducted by the Guangdong Prix ‘Akard’ and the Gibli Esports ‘Jeam’.

Below is a question and answer.

Guangdong Prix’Acard ‘

-It was a fierce Weekly Final. The testimony is

Ah Card: I thought it was difficult because the score was tight, but I feel good because it is finished.

Jiam: On the first day, the performance was a pity. Today it was not bad because we played our game and came up to second place.

-On the first day, both teams scored 30 points. What part was complemented in the second day

Jiam: Yesterday there were many variables and individual mistakes came out several times. Unfortunately there were many rounds. Today I focused more and ate a lot of scores.

Ah: I played that I was playing, but the game flow seems to have been solved well.

-Cutrix. What is the reason for low grades 1-2?

Ah: When I first went offline, my teammates wandered a lot, and the feedback was a bad direction. It fell from the first week and the atmosphere was not very good, but we said that we had to do something together and encouraged each other.

-even the last match, the score with other teams was not big

Ah: Many teams are competing. Rather than getting a lot of scores, we said we would do it.

-Gibli seems to be a lot of regret

Gibli Esports’Jeam ‘

Jiam: It’s a pity, but it’s lost. I will pass it cool and work hard for the fourth week.

-candon Prix was the seventh match Erangel Landmark on the day. The reason is

Ah Card: It was a plane movement that could not go to Milbe. I couldn’t get up to Serbeni and chose it.

-The team atmosphere when the last championship is confirmed

Ah: I didn’t know that I won. I thought Damwonia survived in Zenji. It was excited to catch Zenji.

-The player who contributed to the championship

Ah: Everyone did well. I think all three people have not contributed to winning.

-Is the 4th week of Weekly Weekly Survival

Jiam: I will reduce individual mistakes and accurately feed back feedback.

Ah: After the competition, I haven’t made feedback yet. I will continue to take this flow.

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