Pokemon GO: Development of Waumpel – thats how it works

In our Waumpel Guide for Pokémon Go , you can find out:

  • How many candies you need to develop Waumpel
  • Whether you can influence the development of Waumpel

How does Waumpel develop?

A little is Waumpel like the Raupy of the third generation of Pokémon . However, while Raupy just developed into Safcon and then Smettbo, Waumpel has two different evolution options.

Either it develops into Schaloko and then papinella or to Panekon and then to pudox .


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required candy for Waumpel’s development

How many candies you have to collect in Pokémon Go for the individual evolutionary levels is both pudox-als also at the Papinella Path :

  • Waumpel needs 12 candies to become Panekon or Schaloko.
  • You then need 50 candies to develop Schaloko to Papinella or Panekon into Pudox.

can I influence Waumpel’s development?

If you remember yourself, there were certain strategies for the targeted evolution of Rabauz or the various developments by Evoli. However, players (e.g. in the Reddit Internet Forum) found that Waumpel’s development is completely . So you cannot influence the development and are dependent on your luck.

This corresponds to the development of Waumpel in the main games in Pokémon Go. In it, his evolution, which can either end with pudox or papinella, is also random.

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