The best fashion for rafts

RAFT supports mods and has already collected an impressive community of modders, which is growing every day.

Please note that you do not have to modify the game. Nevertheless, there are some improvements in the quality of life that some mods offer for your consideration. There are also mods that some players can take abroad, because they facilitate survival.

The next guide will indicate the best mods for RAFT.

The best mods for playing on the raft

Before you can modify your RAFT game, you need to install the RAFT MOD Loader bootloader. If you play a pirate copy of the game, the models of mods will not work. In addition, always keep in mind that this is my unofficial project that is not related to the official RAFT developers.

After you installed RAFT Mod Loader for Steam, be sure to select one of the following mods to improve the gameplay.

severe diver

The raft allows you to explore the depths of the ocean in search of useful resources. However, swimming under water can reduce your endurance, which will ultimately prevent you from moving on.

Therefore, using this mod, you can swim twice as much as initially. This facilitates the swimming (and study) of the deepest parts of the ocean.


friendly perfumes

The fulfillment of your own tasks can be a little tedious, but what if you can entrust your tasks to someone else and leave all the resources to yourself? This mod asses five types of sprites that will do all the work for you.

When you have sprites, place them in a chest, and they will begin their work, which consists in collecting plants, collecting animal resources, eggs / feathers, honey, prepared dishes, food and killing gulls.

more storage facilities

The most unpleasant thing you can face when playing RAFT is when you worked for several hours to find the necessary resources, only to find that you have no free space for them.
In such cases, these mods become a necessity, since they significantly increase the overall storage space.

Craft from the entire storage

What else can annoy is a lack of resources for craft. The search for the necessary resources for your recipes of craft can take an eternity, but using this mod, you can create objects without the need to have the necessary resources in your inventory. If you have items in a storage chest, you can create everything you want.


This is one of the most recommended mods for RAFT. Using the Minimap mod, you can add a minicart to the left of the screen, which can be increased and reduced; Which in itself is a huge improvement, since it indicates the territory where you will find enemies (red), sharks (blue) and other players (green).

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