What does a chartching table in Minecraft? Answered

The purpose of some objects and blocks in Minecraft is not known immediately. Much of the game is understood through personal discovery, which is understandable considering that Minecraft is about proof and error and survival. The block that has the players scratching their heads are the Fletching tables, as everyone wants to know. What does a chartching table in Minecraft? This is for what it is.

What does a chartching table in Minecraft?


For the most part, Fletching Table in Minecraft has only one purpose: to give work to lazy and unemployed villagers. Aldeans who are assigned to a chartching table will become phatchers. The villagers will do this on their own, although they can also claim feathered tables if there are not enough work sites in other places.

That said, the Fletching table is not just a kind of role-playing block; It provides you with a service. Unlike a manufacturing table, feathered tables are not used to manufacture, but to trade. If he talks to an arrow at a charter table, they will exchange articles based on the range, such as:

  • Esmeraldas
  • Sticks
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Trap hooks
  • Arrows
  • Arcs
  • crossbows
  • Enchanted arches
  • Enchanted Ballestas

The available elements are excellent for new games, especially to get emeralds, which are very useful for manufacturing powerful beacons. So, if you find a town that lacks a feathered table, you should definitely create one using two flints and four planks (of any kind).

Now you know What a chartching table does in Minecraft . To get answers to other questions and guides, read how to make a secret door or discover what SMP means in Minecraft.

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