Mario Actor in Live Action did not know that they adapted a video game

Video game-based films have not had an easy ground due to their exposed quality, the clearest examples were Street Fighter, the first of Mortal Kombat, doom and of course, the infamous for many, Super Mario Bros. And among all the curiosities that have come to light of this film, it is revealed that the main actor did not know that they adapted a game.

Bob Hoskins is the actor who played Mario in the film, and considered this tape as one of the lowest points of him throughout his career in Hollywood . This was also accompanied by the disinterest he had in working on the tape, this to the point of ignoring that production was based on a previous work such as a game.

Here a clip that explains it:

Something that surprised fans a lot was that statement, because for that moment Super Mario Bros. It was already a consolidated franchise not only in the video game industry, but also in culture. Although for a long time the business had gone unnoticed, so some adults totally ignored something that was related to technology.


For now, Nintendo is making another attempt to reach the big screen with Mario . With a tape that aims to be released in 2023 .

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