Destiny 2 Arches 3.0 Parts

ARC is the last of the original Light subclasses, which has been overhaul 3.0, and is one of the most anticipated features of the 18th season. After VOID 3.0 and Solar 3.0 were so positively perceived, it was only a matter of time when Bungie would provide ARC the same. love. Here is all that we know about the general changes ARC 3.0 and how each class is processed.

Destiny 2 ARC 3.0 General changes


reinforced *
* Quickly defeating the goals with any damage from the arc, the guard becomes stronger. Reinforced guards are faster-both from the point of view of the speed of movement, and from the point of view of handling weapons-and more agile. They can also perform long slides.
accelerator *
* After a sprint for a few seconds, the reinforced guard will receive another increase in speed. They will also receive a significant Buff of the resistance of damage in PVE and an even longer ability to slide. Even if the guard is no longer strengthened, the acceleration buff will remain active while he continues to run.


  • Blind
    • Blinded opponents in PVE will not be able to see, and will also be disoriented and will not be able to shoot their weapons. In PVP, blinded guards, in fact, will receive a light-school grenade. The screen will become white, Hud will disappear, and ringing will be heard.
  • push
    • The shaken opponents, who received damage, will periodically send fragments of chain lightning to the nearest enemies, causing them damage.


Iskra Mayakov *
* When the guard intensifies, the murder with a special weapon of the arch create an blinding explosion.
Spark of resistance
, Surrounded by enemies, the player has increased resistance to damage.
Impulse Iskra *
* Sliding by ammunition will redesign your weapon and give a small amount of short-combat energy. Sliding through heavy ammunition increases the amount of energy received.
Iskra Shock *
* The player’s arc grenades push enemies.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Titan Changes


Fist of chaos *
* Has a adjusted radius of the impact, which is halfway between the upper and lower trajectories. A blow to the ground reserves a destructive field, and a blow from the air causes damage to the area.
thunderbird *
* Mostly unchanged.

Class capacity

* I-steaming device
* Double pressing the Titan button accelerates in the direction of the throttle, performing a quick evasion of the first person. In terms of range, this is comparable to the evasion of the hunter.

close battle

Seismic blow *
* Shoulder blow blinding enemies. The performance of a seismic blow with increased will increase the radius of blinding, and the effect of blinding will last longer.
* The titanium holds the short battle button and charges the energy of the arc, which can be released either with a quick powerful blow, or hold and accumulate to release in a crushing blow. The charged state cannot be preserved, and the titanium should be on the ground to charge the blow. A thunder bump, charged by 90%, kills the guards from one shot in PVP.
Ballistic blow
* Guardians can beat on the ground after running in the air, creating a destructive explosion when hit.


Touch of thunder *
* Improves arc grenades in the following ways:
Light-Shuman grenade : launches an additional blinding pulse at the first rebound.
Pulse : When a grenade inflicts damage to the enemy, it creates an ion mark for titanium. The damage of the pulsed grenade increases over time, since the grenade is delayed after the blow.
Lightning *: gives an additional charge for the Lightning grenade and shakes the targets in the first explosion.
Storm : creates a wandering thunderstorm that moves and tracks enemies, shooting lightning into the ground under it.
* During the sprint and with full energy of class abilities, the titanium receives the front shield, which blocks incoming damage. When strengthened, the shield becomes stronger. As soon as the shield is depleted due to the receipt of damage, the energy of the player class is depleted.
* Knock
* Murders in close combat cause health regeneration and enhance titanium. The critical wound of the enemy or the destruction of its shield for a short time increases the range of close combat and damage. The basic hand-to-hand combat of titanium becomes an enhanced arc, while the knockout is active.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Hunter Changes


arc staff *
* The return is super, where hunters can block and reflect the shells by pressing the button, as well as perform an armored evasion, in which the hunter becomes more resistant to incoming damage.
impending storm *
* The hunter jumps into the air, throwing his staff into the ground. When hitting the staff, an explosion is emitting damage, which shakes the nearest enemies. Soon after this, the gigantic discharge of lightning affects the staff and reloads it, creating a large zone of damage around it for a few seconds. During reloading, the staff emits lightning arcs, who cause damage to all the enemies who are approaching him.

close battle

Combined blow *
* Murders with the help of a combined strike reimburse evasion energy, increase damage in close combat and restore a small amount of health.
disorienting blow *
* The disorienting blow blinds the opponents and strengthens the hunter.

aspects of the arc

Stream condition *
* The victory over the shaking enemy makes you intensify. With increased, the deviation of the hunter will be recharged faster, make you more resistant to damage and accelerate reloading.
* Allows the hunter to carry out hand-to-hand combat combat, which triggers a wave of arc on the ground, causing significant damage and shaking enemies in his path.
deadly current
* After evading the range of hand-to-hand loss, the hunter increases, and his next attack in close combat shakes the target and creates a destructive lightning blow. When used with ARC Staff Super after evading the next light attack of the hunter’s staff strikes a double blow. In addition, hitting a shocked enemy in close combat blinds him.

Finally, ARC 3.0 will also return the BLINK movement mode for ARC Hunters. The ability of Blink will also include a basic buff for any class that has access to it, for example, of the blueberries of the abyss.



limit of chaos *
* Bqui can shoot with concentrated rays of the energy of an arc from their hands.
Stormtrans *
* Emperor Palpatine tickles his fingers. It combines as Landfall behavior from the previous arch of the lower level (creates a destructive shock wave under the player), and the Ionic Blink behavior from the old arch of the upper tree (allows the criminal for a short time to teleport during super).

close battle

  • Ball lightning
    • Produces a soaring ball of an arc energy that explodes, knocking enemies from above. When increasing the arc ball, the enemies will hit the enemies three times instead of one.
      * Chain lightning
    • Releases lightning arcs that amaze and shake the main goal, while applying chain damage to the surrounding enemies. When strengthened, chain zipper creates two sets of chains and can potentially jump to a doubled number of enemies.


aspects of the arc

Oak soul *
* The warlock creates a break to create an arc soul that will help the player in battle. The allies who have passed through a break will also receive Arc Soul. The break is charged faster when the allies are nearby. When strengthened, any ARC Soul that you have or which you receive receives a super-shot, which increases its rate of fire.
lightning-otic surge
* The warlock activates its hand-to-hand during sliding to turn into a lightning ball and teleport forward, causing a lightning field at the output point that shakes the target.
Electrostatic mind
* The murder of the ability of arc and killing enemies with the debuff of the arc creates ionic traces. When you collect any Ionic Trace, you become reinforced.

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