Elden Ring: One Piece arrives in the intermediate lands with this incredible mod made by a Spaniard

Although it has spent half a year since its departure, Elden Ring continues to give an incredible amount of content in all aspects . On the one hand, people continue to machine what the next DLC of the game will be, while others continue to find small clues or mechanics that we had not yet discovered. However, this time we will talk about something that we all love and that gives a twist to the game with very little: The mods.

Of course, it will not be a playable mod or that changes the Elden Ring gameplay in some way, but it will be a visual mod that changes the skins of one of the most remembered bosses of the game in extremely powerful characters of One Piece.

Kaido, Barbablanca and Shanks arrive at Elden Ring in the best way

The creator of this mod is Astame , a Spanish boy from Granada expert in making Re-Skins of different characters in the from Software . Through Twitter we could see that, following a few statements from Chuso during his direct playing the Magna de Miyazaki work, he came up with the idea of implementing these characters in the intermediate lands. Thus, the characters that will arrive will be the following:

Kaido as Radahn: * The scourge of the stars will receive a substitute at height, since one of the most powerful beings of the work will load with everything to kill us and, as in the manga, it will be thrown from the Heavens to try to eliminate us as soon as possible
Barbablanca as Godfrey: * The most venerated and remembered men for humanity are such in their respective works, although it is true that Godfrey is not able to break the air to create gigantic earthquakes

* SHANKS AS MALENIA: The most powerful woman in the whole game could not have another substitute as Shanks, the swordsman capable of stopping a war with the presence of her and her huge Haki of the King

It is not yet known exactly when it will be available, but we have enough desire to see these emperors get to Elden Ring to felt the experience of Wano and Marineford fully.

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