The Game Awards 2022 already has a date

Tomorrow will finally take place the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2022, an event organized by Geoff Keighty. Although the public’s attention is focused on this celebration, Keighty confirmed a few moments ago when Cabothe Game Awards 2022 will take place, the great event focused on celebrating the best of the industry in the last year.

Through his official account on Twitter, it has been confirmed that The next edition of The Game Awards will take place next Thursday, December 8 from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles . This event will be face-to-face, but you can also enjoy completely online.

This will be the ninth edition of The Game Awards and, in addition to being a celebration in charge of recognizing the best of the year, will take a look at some of the projects that we will see throughout 2023 . Without a doubt, an event that all fans of this medium cannot be lost. Remember, The Game Awards 2022 will take place on December 8. In related issues, this game was the Goty of 2021.

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