All abilities Warlock ARC 3.0 in Destiny 2

Blacksmen embody Destiny 2. This becomes obvious when they use the force of lightning itself with ARC 3.0 processing. There is something to play with, so let’s go deeper.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc 3.0 Supers

Stormtrans *
* Chain arc lightning from your hands in order to electricize goals with the destructive flows of arc light, which intensify over time. Using Stormtrance creates a shock wave under you.
limit of chaos *
* Release a long-range directed beam of concentrated arc energy.

abilities Destiny 2 Warlock ARC 3.0

healing break *
* Create a well of power, which constantly heals those inside it.
Acquisition of fault
* Create a well of power that increases the damage from weapons for those inside it.
Chain lightning
* A close battle with an enlarged radius of action, which shakes your target and rivets lightning to the closest enemies. During the strengthening, he created an additional set of chains.
* Ball lightning
* Release an arc shell forward, which after a short time produces a perpendicular stab of lightning. With increased, ball lightning produces additional lightning blows before detonation.
Storm grenade *
* A grenade causing a focused storm of lightning.
Lightning pomegranate *

* A grenade that sticks to any surface and emits lightning.

Light-Shuman grenade *
* An explosive grenade that causes damage and blinds the nearest goals.
Pulse grenade
* A grenade that periodically damages the goals within the radius of its explosion.
Pass the grenade
* A pomegranate, which is split during the impact, forming several shells flying to the target.
Flus grenade *
* Explosive grenade that attaches to goals.
arc grenade *
* A grenade that rivets lightning to the nearest purposes.

Destiny 2 Warlock Arc 3.0 Aspects

Oak soul *
* Apply a break to create an arc soul that shoots at the targets in front of you. Allies can go through your fault to get ARC Soul. Your collapse is charged faster when allies are nearby. When strengthened, your ARC Souls overload and receive increased rate of fire.
lightning-otic surge
* Sliding, activate the charged ability of near-battle to move forward, causing lightning blows that affect the goals when you are remariailized.
Electrostatic mind
* Victory over targets using the ARC abilities or victory over shabby or blinded goals creates Ionic Trace. The collection of Ionic Trace makes you enhanced.

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