All aspects and fragments of ARC 3.0 in Destiny 2

ARC 3.0 has finally received his processing in Destiny 2 after long expectations. VOID 3.0 and Solar 3.0 were quite well accepted. How does ARC develop? Let’s take a look.

where to find all aspects and fragments of Destiny 2 ARC 3.0

Aspects of all classes will be unlocked and ready to work. Going to the hiccup in the tower, you will unlock the remaining fragments, as was the case with the previous alterations 3.0. Each class has unique aspects, while fragments are common.

aspects ARC 3.0


Knock *
* The critical wound of the goal or the destruction of its shield fills your close combat attacks with the energy of the arc and increases your short battle range and damage for a short time. The victory over the goals in close combat triggers the regeneration of health and enhances you.
Touch of thunder
* Your light-school grenade, impulse grenade, lightning and storm grenades have improved functionality.
Light-Shuman grenade : radiates an additional blinding flash during a rebound.
Impulse grenade *: periodically creates ionic traces, since they cause damage to goals and increase in damage eventually.
Lightning pomegranate : gives an additional charge of a grenade and discards goals affected by the original explosion.
Storm grenade : After the explosion, it creates a wandering thunderstorm that monitors the nearest targets and shoots lightning at opponents under it.
* Jaggernaut
* With complete energy of the class ability and after a short run, you get a front shield that blocks incoming damage. When the front shield breaks, the energy of your class is exhausted. Being enhanced, the shield blocks much more damage before breaking.


Stream condition *
* Victory over a shabby goal makes you stronger. While you are strengthened, your evasion is recharge faster, you are more stable when evading, and your reloading speed increases significantly.
* During sliding, activate the charged ability of near-battle to apply a crushing uppercott, which passes along the ground in front of you, causing damage and shaking the affected goals.
deadly current
* After evading, your next hand-to-hand attack increases the range, shakes the target and creates a destructive aphthers. The damage to any shabby target attacks also blinds it.


Oak soul *
* Apply a break to create an arc soul that shoots at the targets in front of you. Allies can go through your fault to get ARC Soul. Your collapse is charged faster when allies are nearby. When strengthened, your ARC Souls overload and receive increased rate of fire.
lightning-otic surge
* Sliding, activate the charged ability of near-battle to move forward, causing lightning blows that affect the goals when you are remariailized.
Electrostatic mind
* Victory over targets using the ARC abilities or victory over shabby or blinded goals creates Ionic Trace. The collection of Ionic Trace makes you enhanced.

arch 3.0 Fragments

Iskra Mayakov *
* While you are strengthened, the last blows of your Arc Special weapon create an blinding explosion.
Spark of resistance
* Surrounded by fighters, you are more resistant to incoming damage. +10 Strength.
Impulse Iskra
* Sliding through the ammunition blocks reloads your equipment and gives a small amount of low-combat energy.
Iskra Shock *
* Your arc grenades shake their goals.-10 discipline.
Iskra Ionov
* Victory over a shabby goal creates an ion mark.
Iskra of category
* The final blows of an arc weapon have a chance to create an ion mark.-10 Strength.
Frequency spark *
* Blows in close combat significantly increase the reloading speed by a short time.
Spark Focus
* After a short sprint, the regeneration of your class abilities increases.-10 resistance.
Iskra reloading
* With a critical wound, your close-up energy and grenades are restored faster.
* Spark of greatness

* Your protracted arc grenades (lightning-fast grenade, pulsed grenade and storm grenade) have an increased validity period.
Iskra amplitudes *
* The rapid defeat of the goals, when you are strengthened, creates the sphere of strength.
Feedback spark
* Obtaining damage in close combat briefly increases the outgoing damage in close combat. +10 resistance.
Iskra Volt
* Finishers make you reinforced. +10 restoration.
* spark of genius
* The defeat of the blinded target causes a blinding explosion. +10 intelligence.

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