The best ARC 3.0 assembly for hunters in Destiny 2

Ah, hunters. The long-standing favorite of the developer Destiny 2, Bungie. The question of whether they are actually a favorite class, controversial, but what is beyond doubt is how unpleasant their ARC 3.0 processing is. This assembly is designed to be in the thick of enemies, remain reinforced and shake everything with a pulse.

What is the best assembly of the arch for hunters?

Oak abilities


impending storm *: Throw your arc staff forward, sticking it into the surface or big goals and shaking the nearest goals. After a short time, destructive lightning strikes into the staff, reloading it with the energy of the arc. During reloading, your staff shoots lightning at the nearest opponents.
Evasion of the arrow : Dodger to perform the maneuver of evading with a hard hand. Evasion automatically reloads your weapon.
Combined blow : A quick blow that temporarily increases your damage in close combat when victory over the target is formed three times. Victory over goals with the help of this ability also completely replenishes the energy of the ability of your class and restores a small amount of health.
* Pass the grenade : a grenade that split during the impact, forming several shells flying at the target.

aspects of the arc

The state of the flow *: Victory over the shabby goal makes you enhanced. While you are strengthened, your evasion is recharge faster, you are more stable when evading, and your reloading speed increases significantly.
Deadly current *: After evading your next hand-to-hand attack, increases the range of attacks, pushes the target and creates a destructive apothershk. The damage to any shabby target attacks also blinds it.

Fragments of the arc

Iskra Shock *: Your arc grenades shake goals.
Iskra Ionov : The victory over a shabby goal creates an ion mark.
The spark of the category : The final blows of an arc weapon can create an ion mark.-10 Strength.
* Iskra amplitudes : rapid defeat of goals, when you are strengthened, creates a sphere of strength.

weapons, armor and fashion

  • Weapon
    Thunderer *: REIGN HAVOC: The latest strokes of this weapon are generated by stunning lightning blows from above. Strong against the champions of overload.
    Riskranner : When you receive damage from the arc, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists the incoming damage from the arc. Murders extend the time in this overloaded state.
    Cold heart : This weapon shoots a stable arc laser with food from cold synthesis, causing the more damage, the longer it remains on the target.
    Trinity Gul *: releases an arrow that breaks down when released. Aiming and complete tension of onions reduce the spread.
    Oath Sinobu : improves the bandwidth, and you get an additional charge of the bandwidth. Skip Grenade returns energy when causes damage to enemies.
    ST0MP-EE5 *: increases the running speed and sliding distance. Improves a height jump, a jump in a storage and a triple jump. An indicator of the effectiveness of all weapons in the air receives a large fine.
    (Assembly of a thunderer) a holster for a machine gun : gradually reloads your cleaned machine guns over time. Several copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time required for complete reboot.
    (Assembly of a thunderer) Garber with a machine gun : machine guns receive additional reserves when you select ammunition.
    Thermal coating : reduces incoming sunny and arc damage.
    charged with energy *: Stay reinforced longer.
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