Creative Assembly is developing a new action game

Creative Assembly has announced that they are developing a new action title in which Unreal Engine 5. As you can see on the tweet above, in addition, the team in charge of this project is the one that is housed in Sofia.

The study, mainly known for the total WAR series, has not given too many details about this next game, but we can confirm that it will not be part of the rest of its stamps, but will establish a new franchise as part of its growing Portfolio. Yes, they have made it clear that we will have to wait a lot to know news about the project, so we can assume that they are in the early stages of their pre-production.

In fact, they also warn that they are looking for new employees in all disciplines, giving priority to candidates with experience in third-person titles using the Unreal 5 engine.


Creative Assembly Sofia team, which opened its doors in March 2017 (before Sega bought it, remember, were Crytek Black Sea), explains that this next game will be part the current expansion of the Bulgarian studio. To do this, in fact, another project to which they did not give any type of information also announced almost three months ago, beyond that they were also looking for workers to take part in development.

We know something else is from Hyenas, this PVEVP multiplayer announced last June that will be launched at some time next year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The inscriptions for your Alpha are still open, and you can sign up through this link.

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