Neptune invests 1 billion won in console -based developer Grumpi

[guarantee-free private Moon Young-soo reporter] Neptune (representative Chung Wook, Yoo Tae-woong) announced on the 29th that it has invested 1 billion won by acquiring a guarantee-free private convertible bond with console-based game developer Grumpi (CEO Shin Sung-gul).

Founded in April 2017, Grumpi is providing PlayStation 4 game ‘Dog Fighter-World War 2 (Dog Fighter)’. Dog Fighter is a flying battle royale game with a fighter that has existed in the background of World War II, with up to 40 people the final winner. It was developed with Unreal Engine 4 and recorded 800,000 cumulative downloads.

In addition, he is currently developing the game ‘Disorder’, a game that emphasizes action and character based on PlayStation 5.

Grempi has more than two years of PlayStation 4-based global service experience and Unreal engine implementation know-how. Shin Sung-gal, CEO of Hae-pi, has developed a development experience in various projects for 15 years, including ‘Sid Nine’s’ Cutting ‘project’, ‘Magumagu’ and ‘A3’.

Neptune, CEO of Neptune, said, The console game, which accounts for more than 30% of the global game market, is being broken down, and various business models are being created beyond package sales. I will go out.

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