Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts Creator New Game Development Funding Starts. The only road left without the support of the publisher

Wild Bunch Production and Yukikaze launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on August 30. This is an initiative to develop funds for the new work Armed Fantasia, which is created by the creator of Wild Arms, and Penny Blood, a director of Shadow Hearts director. It seems that it has just begun, but it seems that support is gathering immediately.

Armed Fantasia is Western Punk RPG. Wild Bunch Production is working. In this world, a mechanical weapon ARM that turns the user’s magic into a great power is treated as a weapon. Ingram, a boy who became a wandering adventurer Migratory Bird with ARM, approaches the great mystery hidden by the death of the death earth, Londenium. Aki Kaneko, who served as a total designer and scenario in the Wild Arms series, is working on the character design. ELEMENTS GARDEN, led by Kemichiko, Noriyasu Uematsu, and Mr. Uematsu, will be in charge of music.


Penny Blood is Gothic Horror RPG. Yukikaze is working on it. The stage is the world full of malice and confusion in the 1920s. The protagonist is a private detective Matthew, who was hired by the Investigation Bureau. The story begins when Matthew is assigned an investigation of a mysterious case that occurred at a psychiatric hospital in New York. Mr. Matsuso Machida, who is the game design, general director, and scriptwriter, is the person who was in charge of the first and second films and scenarios. Yoshitaka Hirota and Akari Kaita are in charge of the songs and sounds.

Armd Fantasia and Penny Blood are completely new works created by the early Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts series, which were once released on PS2 and others. The creators of the history are working, but the reasons for choosing a place called Kickstarter have been revealed at the start of the campaign. Wild Bunch Production and Yukikaze have sold both projects to multiple publishers in the past. However, no one helped me if I didn’t know if it would really be profitable. However, he chose Kickstarter as the only road left, with the desire to deliver a new work to fans.

He is still talking with publishers and investment companies, but the Kickstarter initial goals are $ 750,000 (approximately 100 million yen (approximately 100 million yen) for both projects in order to fulfill their dreams of both teams. )setting. It seems to have a fairly high goal. The support frame starts from 5800 yen. By paying more than 5800 yen, you can get the game code of Armed Fantasia or Penny Blood. A fairly high setting as the minimum support amount of Kickstarter. It will make you feel the size of the project and determination.

In this campaign, it is said that stretch goals are also available, and the response hardware will increase according to the support achievement amount. It seems to include the Nintendo platform correspondence, but it has not been stated in Nintendo Switch and wants to respond to Nintendo’s next generation hardware. PS5/Xbox Series X | Production for S/PC, so there is a restriction on the specifications. He also says he is not considering the monopoly of hardware.

Expectations are high because the popular creators are working, and the Kickstarter campaign has also started well. As of 8:40 on August 30, it has already gathered more than 65 million yen. The number of supporters is more than 3700. Although the initial goal is already considered, the trends are likely to attract attention in the future, including the large amount and the existence of stretch goals.

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