Xbox reveals his plans for Tokyo Game Show 2022

With Tokyo Game Show just a few weeks away, more and more companies have begun to share new information about their participation in this Japanese event. In this way, QUEXBOX was recently confirmed will have a special presentation within the framework of this celebration.

Through its official site, Xbox revealed that they plan to carry out a special presentation on September 15 at 2:00 am (Pacific time), or 4:00 am (Mexico City). Aquí, la compañía planea revelar nueva información sobre el futuro de Xbox Game Studios, pero con un enfoque en el mercado de Japón y Asía. This was what was said about it:

You can expect to see updates about existing Xbox Game Studios and titles launched by developer members who hope to delight players here in Japan, in all of Asia and around the world.

This presentation can be enjoyed through the official Tokyo Game Show channel on YouTube. Now, what news will Xbox present us? Although for the moment there is no official information, This company has a good relationship with studies such as SEGA , so we could see more information about the person’s series in Game Pass, and more updates for phantasy star online 2. We just have to wait.

Remember, Xbox’s presentation at Tokyo Game Show will take place on September 15 at 4:00 am (Mexico City). In related issues, new subscription level for Game Pass is filtered. Similarly, Amazon has leaked the new Xbox control.

Editor’s note:

Although it might seem that Xbox’s presentation will not be something interesting, especially considering that last year’s event was not as interesting as expected, nothing rules X | S and Game Pass.

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