The best compilations of ARC 3.0 for Titans, Hunters and Witch in Destiny 2

ARC 3.0 is finally available with all its strength in Destiny 2, and with a week of game tests under our credit, it would be a euphemism to say that we have some compilations for him. The creation of constructions has been the end of the game for players for quite some time, and ARC 3.0 has opened the door to numerous new opportunities to create the best configuration for its guardian. That said, let’s analyze what are the best versions of ARC 3.0 for Titans, Hunters and Witch.

Destiny 2 The best version of Titan Arc 3.0

It could be said that the Titans obtained the most significant benefit with the renovations of ARC 3.0. An important change revealed was the introduction of a new melee skill called Thunderclap. This unique ability allows you to tithe everything in their path with a single thunderous blow. If you are familiar with anime, One Punch Man, it is a similar feeling. And with the construction shown below, you can continue repeating that feeling again and again, knocking down all the enemies on your path.

This configuration revolves around the exotic helmet, unsurpassed skullfort. While it is equipped, its body murder of ARC activates health and melee regeneration. However, in this case, if you kill with the Thunderclap, you immediately recover all your melee energy when killing. Assuming that you get one death every time, you can continue using Thunderclap over and over again while constantly regenerating your health in the process. But what if we said we can improve this a little more?

When combined with the ARC 3.0 appearance, Knockout, kills you after winning melee arc and becomes amplified. While it is amplified, it obtains greater mobility and weapons management. With high speed, you can continually run through an area and use Thunderclap until there is no enemy in its path.

To summarize it, USA:

Exotic armor: * Strong unsurpassed skull
Confused fight : thunder
Appearance : Knockar

Build Destiny 2 Best Hunter Arc 3.0

When the details of ARC 3.0 were announced, it seemed that the Hunter class took the worst part. We knew little that would certainly be the case. We already have an article that analyzes how crazy are the arc hunters, but today we break down how and why.

Ironically, construction revolves around a single exclusive aspect of Hunters, called Flow State. He says: Killing a shaken enemy amplifies you. While he is amplified, he gets a longer recharge time, a faster elusive recharge and damage resistance «. That said, resistance to damage is the problem, since it is too high for the usual standards. While Flow State is active, resistance to damage becomes so high that you essentially become invincible when you proceed to use your arcstrider super. Heavy weapons, super like Thundercrash and Golden Gun, for example, are completely useless against a flow state arc hunder.

All probability, Flow State will be nervous at some point in the future, but until then, this is undoubtedly the best aspect to use while using an arc hunder. The preparation of compilations is useless here, since only applying the flow status compensates for the rest of the compilation. We will have to wait and see how long it will spend before it adjusts.

To round it, use:

Exotic armor *: worm shell crown (it can be changed according to preferences, it is not necessary).
Appearance *: Flag

Destiny 2 The best compilation of Warlock Arc 3.0

Finally, sorcerers. Bungie remained faithful to his word to ensure that the sorcerers maintained the feeling of Emperor Palpatine when using the Arc subclass. They did not receive an improvement as substantial as the Titans and the hunters, but do not make mistakes, the sorcerers can still do a lot for you.

This construction really adopts the feeling of Emperor Palpatine when combined with a specific exotic armor piece. That, of course, is the new exotic helmet piece, Fallen Sunstar. He says: The ionic traces you think move faster and give you additional ability energy. The nearby allies also obtain skill energy when you collect an ionic trace. This, together with the aspect, electrostatic mind, where arc skill deaths generate ionic traces, allows unlimited energy for sorcerers.

Finally, USA:

Exotic armor piece: * Fallen solar star
Appearance *: Electrostatic mind

That is all for now. ARC 3.0 is in full swing in Destiny 2, and we have only scratched the surface of how far some of these constructions can go. We will play this again in a future publication when the next best compilation versions for ARC 3.0 . To get more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what is coming in the universe, see our articles related below.

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